Thursday, May 5, 2022

It's bee season again

As regular readers know, one of my favourite photographic subjects is our garden. Between all the varieties of light over the season, all the different kinds of flowers in different stages of their lifecycle, and all the little critters around the flowers, there's lots to shoot. Plus, and I probably shouldn't say this, it's really handy. A few steps and I'm engrossed by a world of subtle colours and textures, playing with focus and depth of field.

So there I was yesterday, out looking for a new angle, a new way of capturing flower related images. After all, I wouldn't want my readers to get bored, saying "ho hum, another pretty flower." I'd picked up an orchid picture book from the library, but was actually disappointed in the images. I think they were cut flowers draped over a light pad, so it seemed to wash out the colour.

There are lots of flowers in bloom just now, and the bees are out as well. I was tracking two huge bees, and it's clear I'm out of practice. The colour and texture of their fuzz, especially this orange, really attracts me, but the real challenge is getting their eyes and face in focus.

And I'm reaching here, this really is a bee. I'd goofed on the settings a bit, so it's dark, and it's mostly hiding being that leaf. There will be more bee photos, stay tuned!

The other flower photos from yesterday. Don't ask.

I've got a busy several days of photography and related stuff starting today. A friend is coming over to try out the copy stand and think about the related workflow. He has many negatives from back in the day. Then Friday is a photo ramble with buddies. I'm going to bring some nice black and white film and look for contrast and texture. Saturday is a community association event. Sunday is a family shoot for a friend, and I'll try some film for that as well, if they're patient, and when I say they I mean the infant. 

Here's the copy stand, it's used to hold the DSLR to capture a photograph of a negative. This is much, MUCH better than trying to set the tripod up every time. Since this is my old T6i camera, it can just live on the copy stand, unless I need it for back up at an event or trip.

Of the Day
Driftwood, but first a related serendipity.

Peony. I'll for sure be trying this shot with different film stocks. I recently acquired a high tech diffuser shade thingy, and I'll be trying that out as well.

Michelle and Antje out take.

Celina, through the window, disapproving.

Film, the other building in the industrially scenic tour.

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