Thursday, October 28, 2021

Update blues

And people wonder why I dislike updating software. There it was, everything playing nice together, 2 external drives and the tablet. I needed to update the OS to get the new Lightroom updates. That part went well. 

Except. I couldn't get the tablet to work with Catalina, the newer version of the Mac OS. Not at all, no matter what I did. It's free to a good home. Then the one external drive started disconnecting itself for no apparent reason. Playing with that. 

Much of the 'upgrade' to Catalina is stuff I don't use, and in many cases actively don't want. I don't even know what some of it is. And yet there it is, with the developers so proud of themselves. A pox on them. I do it only for the security upgrades, since this computer actually does have to talk to the internet. 

There's an old laptop I use for writing and occasional browsing, and more and more Safari is being pissy about connecting to websites, saying connection is not secure, and someone may be trying to steal your data. Feeding that same URL into another browser works fine. I don't want to upgrade it since it does what I want it to, and I don't want to fuss with a slower OS taking up what remains of memory. It's only a 2013 vintage, so I hope to get another decade out of it. This computer is coming up on 5 years old, hard as that is to believe.

For the photographers reading this, I've played with the new Lightroom a bit, and the whole selecting sky thing makes life much easier. I had mostly left the sky alone because changing it much usually made it worse. They've moved a few things around but it mostly makes sense. What I really want Lightroom to be is faster at importing. Much faster. I'll be doing an event in Nov and maybe I'll find out then if it's any quicker.

While playing with Lightroom I revisited a photo from the walk with Sean the other day. When reviewing it in colour I kept on going. Then as I'm trying to remember, things look different in B&W. I mulled it over and tweaked it a bit and looked at it a lot. Here it is, for better or worse. See what you think. 

For some colour, here's a sunrise from almost exactly 3 months ago.

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Celina Serendipity, then Driftwood





  1. B&W helps me learn more about what needs to be in the image. In this case, I think the key elments are the lines of the floathing buffers, tree reflections and maybe the bench. If these are the actual things of interest then a much tighter crop would give them their appropriate due. Cheers, Sean

  2. oh, the cloud image and of course your flowers are always lovely. My favourite though is the B&W - except I disagree it needs to be cropped. I like the way the vertical trees and reflections contrast with the curved buffers. I don't think the bench is sharp or interesting enough to be a focal point. My two cents, for what they're worth.


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