Tuesday, October 19, 2021

My coffee supplier

Some of you know that I like coffee. A lot. I look forward to the two cups in the morning to start my day. It's part of my morning, most days, to boil the water, grind the beans, do the French press thing, sip, and ahhhhh! Yes, Celina is usually talking to me while this is happening, just to give you the full picture.

While we have bought coffee from the usual places and sometimes bring some home from trips, by far the majority of our coffee is delivered to our door by Crickle Creek Coffee. Sometimes we bought from their booth in the Millarville Market. It's really good coffee with lots of bean choices. And local delivery to your door, did I mention that?

During a foothills tour with Neil a couple weeks ago, he waved amiably out the window and mentioned we were driving past where he also gets his coffee delivered from. That wasn't quite true, as in driving past the place, but wasn't far wrong either. I'd sent a note with my next order, saying he had mentioned them and a van full of people waved. (Photographers are notorious coffee hounds.) She suggested I drop in next time I went by, which happens periodically as I roam the roads looking for nice photos.

What with one thing and another I arrived there yesterday, while the roaster was still running. I had a delightful visit, taking lots of photos and having a wonderful chat. I don't often get the full hit of fresh roasted coffee, and loved it!

Of the Day

Celina. Being her pretty but un-photogenic self that she does so well.





Owl, but first a peony serendipity from 2016.

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