Sunday, August 4, 2019

The day of the gold dragonfly

The day started with a great swim, then avoiding bucolic shoppers at the market. By mid afternoon I was ready for a walk in Fish Creek, down the secret path and through the creek. I was looking for micro-lanscapes, but found dragonflies.

I noticed this little guy hanging out near the path. I'd have been happy with this one if it had been the only shot.

But then I found a good spot and was shooting like a madman, trying not to trip over the rocks of the creek bed as I turned and tried to track them. Yes, for this one I was looking straight up.

You may admire my skill with a camera. There is indeed a dragonfly in focus in this photo. Look carefully.

Then I saw this one land, and it just sat there. I started shooting with a 70-200 lens, then changed to a 100 mm macro lens and kept on shooting. I told it that it was a very pretty dragonfly and I wouldn't hurt it.  It was nodding along as I chatted, and was very cooperative. At one point the lens was only a few inches from it's face. Maybe I am a dragonfly whisperer. Maybe it wants a modelling career.

This will likely be in contention for image of the year, and is the current front runner to be image of the month.

This is a digital zoom of the above shot. Handheld f10, ISO 1600, 1/1250 if you want the settings. I could zoom in yet more.

I'm really pleased, in case you couldn't guess.

Peony of the Day (July 1, same peony, just different arrangement of ants.)

Driftwood of the Day (Again, same piece, different views. I spent quite a while wandering around it thinking about composition.)


  1. Agreed-that middle photo of the dragonfly is definitely a winner. Just a wee bit better than mine from this morning.

  2. Do let us know if you find clients who want your new "dragon fly whisperer" skills. Congratulations on 4. Cheers, Sean


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