Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A walk. Includes BRBE and butt

It's always a lovely day to walk in Fish Creek. BRBE Michelle joined me. It was like old times starting the day off with a swim. Then a snack, then Fish Creek, down the secret path to the river. We were there several hours and only saw a few other people.

I took the 14mm lens, so it was a day for ordinary landscapes for me. Michelle had the 100 mm lens for macro shots.

Bridges 5 and 6.

Michelle on the secret path. No, this isn't the promised butt shot.

There's always lots of little pools, and sometimes the reflections are awesome. Sometimes not.

Michell, apparently fascinated by her shoes. Yes, she is taking a photo.

Yet another view of the 2018 image of the year area.

If you are brave, and scroll on past the peony and driftwood of the day, you'll see a shot of me down on the ground with the camera. This is what I was shooting. I am not the talented rock stacker.

 Normally photographers try to keep the camera as still as possible while shooting, but there is a deliberate technique of moving the camera while shooting. All this motion happened in 1/320 of a second. Yes, I'm that good. This is the proof.

Peony of the Day

Driftwood of the Day

There's more, if you dare.

Michelle had some lovely shots along the way, but got some of me too. Of all the photos I put here, very few of them are of me, mainly because I'm allergic to doing selfies. So those of you that want to see what I look like when I'm out on a photo ramble, scroll on down. And yes, the butt shot is of me, not Michelle. Sorry.

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  1. BUM! It looks like you two had a great day-I love the peony.


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