Monday, August 19, 2019

Scuttling at a camp

There I am, at a theatre camp. Six, count'em, 6 streams of programming. One in the main foyer (trapeze), 3 in the first balcony foyer (juggling, balance, and I don't know the name for the last one), one downstairs (stilts), and one way backstage then downstairs into the barre room for dance. Back and forth, around and around. There are 3 kids I can't shoot, and dammit, one of them is really photogenic. Working in natural light, bright artificial light with lots of mirrors, dim old tired florescent lights, and dim pot lights. The white balance calculator is going to get a workout.

Today was just over 1000 photos, and there's about 400 I want to look at again for comparison to the next several days of camp. There's about 2 dozen that will make the cut for sure.

My phone thinks I walked 7.3K or 10,800 steps, carrying five or six pounds of camera gear.

Tomorrow is another day of it.

Peony of the Day (July 7)
I got lots of nice complements about the red peony with an ant, so here's the white one with not one, but two ants. The things I do for my readers!

Driftwood of the Day

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  1. I like it. Your readers are of course appreciative of the great efforts you went to collect and place the ants just so (I know you didn't do that). Cheers, Sean


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