Thursday, August 8, 2019

Dog Days of summer

It's a quiet day here. The cats are snoring. It's warm and sunny. I'd been thinking of a walk down in Fish Creek, but I'm not feeling the ambition. There's wine to be bottled in the next week or so, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so maybe I'll do it then. Then again, it's cool in the basement. Decisions, decisions.

I didn't actually much like this panorama when I developed it, and don't like it much better now, BUT, it sort of expresses how I feel today. Why don't I like it? Aside from a narrow band of foothills, mountains, and a bit of cloud, there's nothing to look at. The big almost empty expanse of brown grass is boring. Then again, if I'd captured the heat shimmers, it would be a perfect summer photo.

Here's a couple shots of some little dams in Fish Creek down near the Bow River to rehydrate you after the dry heat of the previous shot.

What am I actually working on? Flowery Friday, a catch up of the other flowers from the last while.

Peony of the Day

Driftwood of the Day

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