Friday, August 9, 2019

Flowery Friday 1

OK, I am about 65 flower photos behind, not counting the peonies destined for the peony of the day feature. I somehow don't think anyone is going to want to wade through that many photos in one sitting, and those that just killed their wireless plan downloading them would hate me.

So, another feature coming at you, ready or not. Flowery Friday, while they last, will include 10 or a dozen flowers. Mostly from Linda's garden, but some from elsewhere as well. I'll tell you. Why haven't these been blogged? Good question. Mostly because other stuff has come up first, or seemed more topical. Whatever. Such are the vagaries of blogging life.

My experienced readers know better than to ask me what they are. Probably a lily, or a tulip, or something else. If you want to know, ask Linda. She reads the blog assiduously to find out what I'm up to, and would respond if asked nicely and the appropriate bribe I mean gift is promised.

1. I always love these daffys. They look like the plant version of a death ray ready for action.

2. From Reesor Ranch.









10. The indoor amaryllis about to provide a meal for the cats.

Peony of the Day (July 5)

Driftwood of the Day
Yes, really as found. Someone arranged them, but not me and not Linda.

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  1. The two winners form me today are 2 and 12. I love the palate of 2 (prairie crocus), and the detail you have captured in what is often a "missed" plant. In 12, the ant is a great addition to the droplets. Cheers, Sean


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