Thursday, August 1, 2019

July Image of the Month

That was a big month for my photography. Technically, more than 10,000 photos, but I didn't even import more than 1000 out of focus shots chasing a hard working bee. I think she was getting pretty tired of me chasing her.

Most of them were over 3 days with the Green Fools theatre company doing a workshop. That was so much fun! I'd never had any connection to the theatre or circus worlds, so it was all new and all really interesting. How do you take more interesting photos? Get in the path of interesting stuff.

Neil took us to see lots of interesting stuff on two different tours. He does lots more, but I can't take every tour or workshop. He'd get sick of me, and other people want a chance.

Half of the short list are flowers, mainly the peonies and roses. One rose in the side bed is having an amazing year. There's a photo of it that hasn't been blogged yet, and missed these top three by THAT much. On either side of it the white and red peonies have been so good I recently started a peony of the day feature.

Second Runner Up
So many good peony shots this year, but I keep coming back to this one, mainly because of that little hit of red, and the ant doing it's thing. Plus, of course, the subtle textured whites and layers.

First Runner Up
A bit of a conventional landscape but I keep coming back to it to drink in all the different greens in contrast to the texture and colours of the rock.

Image of the Month
Locomotive 2816, taken as I'm about to be dragged off to the next secret place. Reflections are always cool, and the soft reflection of the mechanical parts gives a sense of nostalgia and motion.

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  1. In keeping with other images of the months, I am particularly drawn to the second runner up. I agree that the hit of red makes the image. The ant in the image also points to the possibility that this too could be on the road to mini / micro landscapes.


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