Friday, December 4, 2015

That week disappeared in a hurry

Let's see. Swam twice, getting it together again. No running or spinning since then. Tough yoga class on Wednesday. Planking was good till Thursday, when a fully tummy after a wonderful meal made that inadvisable. I might yet spin tonight. This wine is very tasty.

For much of this week I've just wanted to go back to bed and pull the blankets over my head. Why might that be?

More mass shootings in the USA. Why is anyone surprised and shocked when you rile up the whacko's, they pull out their guns and start shooting? Then we get the venal followup from politicians, none of whom have the spine to stand up to the real terrorists, the NRA. Why is it Muslim shooters are called terrorists, Black people are thugs, and white Christian gun nuts that shoot up public places killing and maiming innocent people, including children, are "disturbed individuals" or "crazed loners"? I laugh when Trump says he wants to restore American exceptionalism by making America "Great" again. The only exception they are, is exceptionally bad. The newspaper headlines are entirely predictable.

The climate change talks in Paris. We've done this before, and nothing changed. As long as the big corporations are making money spewing out carbon and other pollutants, they'll continue. A carbon tax is just a start. The newspaper headlines are entirely predictable.

Closer to home, there is a flap in Alberta. The NDP government starts taking some clumsy steps to protect farm workers, and the farmers go insane. They say "family farm" like it's the holy grail, and a sacred way of life that must not change. I call bullshit. They stopped using horses and oxen to pull a plow as soon as tractors were reliable. Don't tell me they can't change with the times. Like every other industry, they want things made easy for them. They keep calling those events where people die or are maimed, a tragic accident. Bullshit again! They are systematic failures of a lack of process. These "accidents" are almost entirely preventable, and somebody needs to be able to investigate these incidents, and force improvements. The newspaper headlines are entirely predictable.

There are lots of people getting laid off here in Calgary, and elsewhere in Alberta as the oil industry wallows in the excess production from overseas. Oil and gas companies are feeling the pinch big time, and it isn't going to get better any time soon. Somehow, this is Notley's fault too. The newspaper headlines are entirely predictable.

The recent discovery that that a couple people help take care of Justin Trudeau's children, while he's out dealing with somewhat bigger children. The money involved is trivial, and is probably a good deal, actually, for the taxpayers. Those that say it's a bad image need to find something important to do with their time. In the meantime, the newspaper headlines are entirely predictable.

In happier news, I got told today that the paperwork to extend my contract another 3 months is being drawn up. Once the signature happens, I'll celebrate.

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  1. Not to worry! The Trudeau nanny problem has been solved:


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