Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Great De-Spooring.

We decided today was the day to tidy and clean the house for Christmas. This always concerns the cats. After all, they put great effort into shedding their fur in catly artistic patterns. I think it comforts them to smell their fur on the furniture.

Thus this picture of Curtis, looking worried. All his hard work being so callously undone. So inconsiderate of the humans. In between looking worried, they put great effort into being underfoot, trying to slow us down. Celina on the steps, lurking, came THAT close to being stepped on. In the shadow she blinds quite well with that carpeting.

It wasn't a particularly auspicious day, being foggy and dank out. Just as I write this about lunchtime, the fog has cleared away to reveal everything decorated with hoar frost. Here's one of Linda's planters decorated for Christmas.

The actual paperwork for the contract renewal is all signed and delivered to the appropriate people. I'm in the middle of interesting (to me) work generating work for other people. They'll love it, I'm sure.

Two very similar swims during the week. 1K in 18:45, then 5x100 on 2, in 102 seconds pretty steady. 1x100 all out, 91 seconds. Consistency (at this) thy name is Keith. Shoulders feeling pretty good. A couple of core sessions in the evening. Mostly going to bed early. One more week of work to go. I think I can make it.

Wednesday was Easter. How do I know this? I had a massage and found out my hams were baked. I could barely walk out of there, and spent much of yoga class collapsed in a heap. This is a new pose, invented by me. Collapsed in a heap. I can give lessons. Call early, they're sure to book up fast.

I decided to take it easy the rest of the week, let my legs recover and being cautious about patchy icy sidewalks. I'll be a little more cautious about a "long run" on Sunday.

Don't get me started on the insanity of recent USA politics.

The sun has really come out! Here's Celina enjoying.

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