Saturday, December 26, 2015

The first tusk of Christmas

What with all the indoor runs lately you might be thinking I'd converted to weenie-ism or something. Not totally. Not yet. 

We've wanted to run outside, but were dissuaded by the crap job our neighbours do shoveling their sidewalks. Plus we were going to Talisman already. It's only -20 C (-4 F or so) out, so not cold at all, and the windchill doesn't really count since we ran in a treed area down in Fish Creek.

Getting ready. Here's some of the layers.
I ended up wearing 3 layers of pants, and didn't really need the windproof layer. 3 layers of tops including a jacket, and that was a hair too much. Felt hat with hood, and a wool scarf. Gloves inside mittens. One pair of the socks I wear all the rest of the year.

Here's Michelle just about ready to run. Linda says this is a sultry photo. Something about her eyes. That's not the word I would use.

Here's me about the 7 K mark. You can't see my eyes, but you get the full impact of the tusk!

I'm not sure why it almost always form on my left side. Maybe my breathing is deformed or something.

In any case, we had a lovely run in the brilliant sunshine. 8.2 K in 1:08 or so, stopping a couple times. The trees were covered in snow and hoarfrost. There's just enough snow on the path to squeak underfoot, but not so much as to make you crazy. We started at the very west end of the park in Shannon Terrace, and ran to Votier's Flats and back. We saw a few runners, but mostly we had the path to ourselves. By the end we found we were actually a bit overdressed. 

In the note to self department, I need to tuck the phone into a deeper pocket. I had it my jacket, and it conked out at the 3 K mark.

Christmas was lovely. I gave Linda some gardening tools. Here's the cats scoping out the tool bag. 

We had dinner with friends, and they made us (MADE US!!) bring home more food. Our fridge is gonna file a complaint with the fridge union.

I don't know what it is. Now Curtis is displaying sweat perversion. I just stopped him from molesting my running shoes. And look! I had to put the mittens up on the top of the closet door to dry out, fearing Celina would drag them off. I don't know if she thinks they are prey to be savaged, or relatives to rescue. Here Curtis is scoping out a leap to the top of the door.

Now Celina is at the bottom of the door looking up. I think she knows perfectly well the mittens are up there, and is waiting for us to go away so she can scramble up.

I am totally loving this time off! I'm up to 9300 or so words since Monday. I've bashed out a couple scenes, and working on some world building here. I'm having fun, my characters are having fun (so far) and I think this is turning into a bit of a novel of intrigue.

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