Monday, November 30, 2015


Movie reference anyone? Patience. Stupid iPhoto.

Brief spin last night, peaking out at 250 watts for 3 minutes. That got me warmed up for a 90 second plank.

I goofed last night. For some reason I thought I had to fast for the lab tests this morning. Not. Sigh. At least I didn't hangry anyone's head off at work.

Running after work means running in the dark, and today that meant about 0 C, or for the readers in the place with the primitive measurement system, 32 F. Shoes, socks, medium weight tights, light short sleeved tech shirt, with a heaver long sleeved shirt over it, cap, gloves. 4 K, 27 minutes. It felt really good, light feet, breathing not too hard, and working a bit harder on the back half. Just at the end I was starting to feel a bunch of niggles coming on, and decided that it had been really good and I didn't need to push it.

Brisk walk home, stretch after, and ta-da! 90 second plank. I'm getting tempted to go for two minutes.

I was musing about not doing NaNoWriMo this year. There were a few times I missed doing it, and a couple times when a writing thought was just beginning to form a pre-words concept, but I really didn't have the time this year. None of my writing buddies were doing it, that I know of, and it's more fun to do it with others.

Here's one of the shrubberies Linda created yesterday. The other is similar. I'm not sure how she does it. She pokes things in the dirt, wiggles them around a bit, and it looks beautiful! Such a nice addition to our patio, and way, WAY cheaper than buying. And no knights had better come creeping around to swipe them!

Did you miss the inner shark yesterday?


  1. Pffftt...easy peasy-Monty Python!!

  2. Pretty arrangement!! I'd work slowly up to a 2 min plank, you know, maybe add 10 secs every couple of days or something. So glad you are running and planking!!

  3. Gorgeous shrubbery!! Well done, Linda. And well done, Keith. Your training's going really well it seems. I'm so glad. Still thinking of doing the Calgary Marathon. Will keep you posted!


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