Sunday, December 6, 2015

workout catchup

Swim Sunday. There might be underwater video in a later blog! We shot some. It arrived on my ipad ok, but not my laptop so far. Darn you Photostream! Swim went really well, feeling the slightest of tweaks in my left shoulder. Let's see.

150 m warmup
150 m with the snorkel
2x(50 m front dolphin, 50 m back dolphin, 50 m pull)
150 plain old pull
150 m 150 seconds, not working too hard
A bunch pretending to be a film star, as if!

3 x 100 on 2, in 95, 96, 97 seconds.
All feeling pretty good.

We were disappointed to find the Argentianos on Elbow and 50th had closed. Not sure when it opened, during the summer sometimes. Now I'll have to check to see if the downtown one is still open. I was last there on a beautiful summer day. My buddy was busted by the beautiful woman at the table just behind me. I've known him a long time, I'd known there was a reason his gaze kept shifting over my shoulder.

It was supposed to warm up to 8 C and I was hoping to run in the warmth and sunshine. I got tired of waiting, and left while it was cloudy and about zero. It stayed there till I was just about home. I'd been hoping for 10 k, but I'm glad I wasn't committed to that, as in running 5 K from the house then turning around. The first 5 K were good, then it turned into a bit of a slog. For a bit I was channeling my blog buddy, SUAR. It took Linda a few seconds after I got back to the house to realize how focussed I was.

The run was 8K, 55:30, up to the reservoir and back without working too hard. I remember a time trying to do that was a gasping sweaty train wreak, but today I was just trying to keep my legs going. Today I was looking at the progress of putting in an express way. Enmax has been doing a bunch of utility work, so the green space isn't even remotely green. It's frozen mud. Note to self, that will be a sloppy place to run on warm days.

Stretched after, but didn't do any plank. I'm giving that a rest over the weekend, then back at it on Monday.

Once home, and I had the BBQ fired up it got nice. Oh well, there are worse things than tending a BBQ with sausage, and duck breast on it.

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