Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ho Ho Ho, MC, HNY, BH

So here we are again. Christmas. It's gonna be white.

Moving right along. Vacation has been wonderful so far, even though I'm not on a beach with attractive topless people bringing me a steady supply of tall fruity drinks with the little umbrellas.

I did nothing yesterday. Nothing at all, beyond getting out of bed, doing coffee, and hanging around with the cats. Some writing. I'm up to about 5K words on that opening scene, and I think I'm ready to move on to the next one. No aerobic activities. No core, and certainly no plank. The little bit I did, documented by Michelle on Tuesday was quite enough for the week. You don't need to see a photo of that.

Today was different. I'm going to go on a bit with the swim. Skip a couple paragraphs if you aren't into swimming. But maybe instead I'll give the secret prize giveaway code. We had the pool to ourselves till near the end. Warmed up 500 m 9:15, nice and easy. 10 x 100 on 2 min, all about 1:42 or so. Lost count on the last one and tried to do an extra lap. Helped Michelle set up some interval times to help meet her swim goals. Tried a strong 150 m, 147 seconds. Then channeled Katie and decided to try a descending pyramid. Another 150, same time, rest 30 seconds, swim 100 m in 98 seconds, rest 20 seconds, swim 50 m (pretty well as all out as I could do) in 45 seconds. M says I had a very red face after that. My lungs were working hard.

I'm thinking about swim goals for the Talisman Triathlon in March. It's a 500 m swim, 12.5 K bike ride, and a 3 K run. Right now my not working too hard swim that distance is 9:15 or so. I'd love to take a minute off that time, swim each lap a few seconds faster. The trick is still being able to haul myself out of the pool afterward, and shamble to the bike. I'll be working on this.

Today I was thinking about getting into the groove right after the turn, rather than settling in a few strokes later, and swimming into the wall just a bit quicker, rather than coasting in for the flip turn. Plus, powering through the flip turns, using the core and hams to bring those feet around to the wall. I've talked about this, and did a video dryland exercise here. I should actually do it more.

While having coffee after we happened to be watching one girl swim. I'm pretty sure she's from one of the swim clubs. She had a beautiful clean stroke, and was just cruising along at 40 seconds per 50 m. I almost wanted to go back down to the pool to video her entry, glide, and catch. And the pull, and recovery. Not to mention kick. So relaxed looking, yet so strong and speedy. In contrast there were a few other swimmers in the water, thrashing away, burning a ton more energy, and not really going anywhere.

From the pool we headed out to the track. This is the 3rd indoor track run in a week for me; I've been such a weenie about outdoors. Crappy footing, so I don't feel guilty. Today was 6K, 44 minutes, nice and easy. No fast bits getting both feet off the ground this time, just easy and steady around and around, alternating directions periodically.

There was a short bit on the exerbike thingie, but I didn't like that. Stretched. Coffee. Yay! I suppose if I was ambitious I'd go through and give you year end stats about how far and how long I swam, biked, and run, to say nothing of how many words written, how many lines of SQL, all plotted out on a nice graph plotted per day, week, month, but the big thing is that none of you except Julie care about all those numbers, and she only cares about the workout ones. I sometimes worry lately that I've been cruelly denying her the numbers fix, and she is pining away for lack.

So. The cats. The mighty Curtis paw had just slipped off the phone. He'd been trying to push it out of his face. Too many cat photos?
 I disturbed her sleep.

Not only is Celina a sweat pervert, licking at my sweaty arms when I'm on the trainer, today I found out she is a pool pervert tool. Here's the proof, her licking at my swim flip flops.

And we'll finish off with another one of Curtis, glaring down at me for providing an utterly inadequate lap, because laptop writing is happening.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season!

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