Saturday, June 13, 2015

I took apart a printer cassette player combo

Good thing I didn't have to put it back together again.

That was the best part of the week, after a so-so swim on Monday, and a good run on Tuesday. Bailed on Wed morning swim, got pummeled in a massage, and just scrapped through yoga. It was a very tough work week for a lot of reasons. Considering I'm often not in the office at all on Friday afternoons, and out by 3 when I am, you'll know it was bad when I tell you I was still there at 5 pm. Yes, I had a big glass of wine waiting for me at home.

But Thursday was fun. We went to the adults only night at Spark, the local science centre, and had an excellent time! For locals, this is well worth doing, if you haven't. There are lots of hands on displays, and it was great to see adults wandering around playing with stuff. There was a table full of electronic stuff that you could take apart, or you could build something.

I was looking at what I eventually figured out to be a combination half size printer, and cassette tape player (do I have to explain what they are?). When I couldn't figure out how to take it apart in a few seconds, I got intrigued. A staff person told me it had been sitting there a couple of days with nobody getting into it. Yes, they supply tools. Once I got the cover off it was mostly straightforward. I got a whole new appreciation for how stuff is put together, and how it was designed in the first place. Here it is in progressive stages of dismemberment.

And Linda, cuddling one of the steel dinosaurs. The display is extremely well done! Even though you know they aren't bones done in plaster or whatever painted to look real, but rather scrap steel, they looked appropriate. Not real, but realistic. The various claws and teeth looked particularly efficient. Even better, you could pull on cables for some of them and make them move. Fascinating.

Lately I've become interested in crows and ravens. They are extremely smart birds, and there was a huge crow model as well. I suppose model isn't the right word, given it was about 10x bigger than any crow. Something like this would make a great prop in a horror movie. Zombie Crows. I should write out a script and become a millionaire.

Friday I was in the dive tank for stroke improvement, watching Talisman getting set up for a swim meet. I love seeing kids so active, and going through the various drills beforehand. I even picked a quarter off the bottom of the dive tank. Rich!

Saturday Sophia, Michelle, and I were out for a short easy run in Fish Creek. Longish walk to warm up, I ran a hair under 5 K in 40 minutes at a nice chatchatchat pace. Here's the semi-obligatory shoe selfie.

Fish Creek was as lovely as ever!

Afterward they came over to our place and tried the Death Wish coffee, and liked it. See my review from last weekend here. It was lovely to sit, sip, and chat more.

And back to work tomorrow, yes, Sunday. I just hope the testing goes quickly.

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