Saturday, June 20, 2015

A mind full run

Such a lovely day for a run. Not too hot, not too cold, just a light breeze, clear deep blue sky.

What with one thing or another I haven't run up towards the reservoir for a long time. After the presentation about the ring road I knew I had to get up that way again before construction. Today was the day. I had lots of things going through my mind, but it was in a relaxing, thoughtful way, not a frantic one thing after another.

My pacing helped. I was determined to keep it nice and easy, so I slowed down when I could feel myself breathing harder. So, 10K, 1:11, pacing very steady, up to the reservoir and back. My legs felt pretty happy about the run, no niggles, good turnover.

I started out thinking about the changes that will happen. Right now it's a wide open green space between the back fences of homes and a fence line that marks the start of the Tsuu T'ina land. The pathway runs near the fences and the rest is a grassy area with lots of paths, and a bit of a pond in one place. There's always a zillion dogs there, running and playing, doing doggy-human things.

The land swap means the actual roadway will still leave some green space between the homes and the road, less near Anderson, and much more near 90th Ave. Now as you run along all you can hear is the sounds you make yourself, other walkers, runners, cyclists, and dog walkers. Maybe a lawn mower. You'd have to listen carefully to hear the hum of the city. Soon it will be construction noise, and then traffic noise. Sigh.

It was so nice to run along and enjoy seeing the various greens. Grass, domestic and wild. Various kinds of trees. I didn't actually run right to the water; I turned left and ran towards Weaselhead, then came back along the short cut path.

The other bit of thinking was a new scene that's been going through my mind. I started wondering when it happens in relation to other events in my novel universe, who she was with, and what happenes next. It starts with Elbow Drive.

Calgary's Elbow Drive is interesting. From downtown, it winds along the Elbow river. (You are shocked and surprised, I can tell.) Expensive homes on the right. Then the river goes away, and you see more classy expensive homes on both sides. Stanley Park. Just before 50th Ave is an old fashioned shopping district. Mostly independent shops, such as Village Ice Cream, Owl's nest books, and a nice small chain grocery store and deli. This is the original Sunterra market. The only real blight is a Starbucks, but that's just me.

Heading south more, still some nice big (huge!) lots on the right with expensive homes slowly being broken into multiple residential buildings. They back onto a super-ritzy golf club. One the left is an actual affordable neighbourhood for people like us. Over Glenmore trail, and the homes get younger. Still nice homes, built for bigger families. A strip mall across from a school. Then it turns into a suburban road, access to various subdivisions of more modern housing. Much less classy. Past Southland with a big shopping centre. Past Anderson and housing that's almost low rent. If you stay on the road you end up in a parking lot and bus turnaround right in Fish Creek park.

My scene is Elbow drive in a slightly sideways world. A street of classy homes, old, old wealth, with  a sleepier version of our Elbow River. Distinguished immaculate landscaping that speaks of constant professional care. No weekend weed and feed lawn care here. The road isn't a dead end, but leads to the same park, only this is almost a private enclave. There's no gates, no obvious security guards, and no signs, but driving down the road just isn't done unless you live there, or are an invited guest. The people that live here like their privacy as they go about their business of running things. Various corporations, the city, province, and country. Other, perhaps less savoury enterprises that are even more private.

What does my protagonist discover? I had a wonderful time thinking about this as I ran. Several ideas came to me, and I happily explored them. Yes, I've made notes. This might be the beginning of NaNoWriMo planning.

In another blog I've mused about last times. Often we don't know when the last time for something is. I'm pretty sure I'll run this path again before the construction starts, but one of my thoughts is that life is uncertain. I was trying to see it with new eyes, simultaneously looking at it as if it was the first time, and treating it as if it were the last time.

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