Friday, June 5, 2015

Bereft without the pace clock

You probably missed a post, I snuck it in without Twitter or Facebook noticing. You can find it here.

We got to the pool in good time, and as I was getting ready I noticed something missing. At first I thought they'd taken the pace clock away altogether, but no, it was just off. Dark. No numbers.

I'm not sure how this could be, but Michelle noted there was a ladder up to the clock at the other end of the pool, so perhaps they were doing maintenance work of some kind. Or with the swim meet they wanted all the timing resources in the competition pool.

There was a swim meet getting warmed up as we left. We had to thread our way through herds of children getting warmed up on the pool deck to get to the hot tub. It would have been interesting to hang out and watch the swim meet because I've never seen one. But one of us, (not me) has to pay attention to work starting time.

Without the pace clock I was a bit lost for what to swim. In the end we worked on knocking the rust off Michelle's stroke, since she missed a week. Now she believes me when I talk about how fast the swim feel goes away. I worked on stroke, and did some paddle and fins work.

Linda has been working on the garden hard! This is what I came home to today. This used to be an overgrown patch of herb infested growth that was drowning out the hens and chicks. At the end closest to us there was a huge day lily that Linda divided up and spread out in the bed. There's a few other lilies and some Dahlia's as well.

While we were eating the BBQ bison tenderloin, I noticed these beautiful yellow flowers. It's almost a Cervelo yellow.

In case you were wondering, the bison was awesome! Sorry about the rotation thing; stupid Blogger.

It is so lovely to sit out on the back patio, drinking wine, enjoying the soft breeze, looking and smelling the garden after a long hard work week. So relaxing, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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