Sunday, June 21, 2015

Days of wine and lilies

Hmmm, doesn't quite scan. Oh well.

A busy wine weekend, bottling 2 reds, racking and stabilizing another, and starting a white. Some of it with Curtis supervising.

The Volcanic red was 30 bottles and a slurp from the siphon, just enough to know it's really good. A little sweet, a little fruity, a little tart. Can't wait for my first glass. Normally after bottling there is a partial bottle left and we try that with whatever is on the menu that day. Linda gave me the sad big-eyed look when I told her there wasn't any left over.

Then 29 bottles and several slurps for Linda of the Super Tuscan. I'm a big fan of the Super Tuscan. What am I saying? I'm a big fan of a lot of Italian, Spanish, and South American reds. No, I didn't step on Curtis throughout the process. Later he took a more dominating position on the sink.

Linda has been hard at it, trying to get the last of her lilies and other plants into the garden. She has had them in temporary pots. The main beds need to be amended and have lots more soil added. She has used up a whole big bag of garden soil compost mix, and we've ordered another. A big bag is a hair over .75 cubic meter. Seems an odd size to sell.

Here's an assortment of various garden shots.

Linda did this bit the other day. The day lilies look a little sad, but they'll perk up.

The flowers in the back garden look very happy, and well they should be!

Last year the day lilies in these front beds looked much the same as the scraggly transplants.

The mint is happy and attracts lots of bees. To the right is the latest bit of soil amending.

The red and white peonies are about to bloom.

The temporary pots with just a few lilies left.

One of the big ceramic pots in the front patio.

Another view of the recently amended soil with a few plants so far, and I think more going in there.

Another view of the front after more soil amending.

Don't ask me what they all are. I love lilies and can recognize them 4 times out of 5. The peonies I know because there's two, and they've been there a long time. Other than that, I don't know. You'll have to ask Linda.

And lastly, one of Celina writhing in a patch of sunlight.


  1. What a beautiful garden! Well done, you two. Hope I get to visit in person one day soon!

    1. Hi Janice, we'd love to have you both come for a visit. We have had a very early & unusually warm spring - the garden is at least a month ahead of where it normally would be. I've been scrambling to catch up ever since I realized that we weren't being teased with warmer weather, that it really was here to stay. Linda.

  2. Beautiful garden! I love peonies, but I think they're only in season for about a month or so?

    1. Hi Jen - like many flowers, there are early, mid season & late blooming varieties of peonies. So while each individual peony may bloom for just a couple of weeks to a month, you can with planning & luck have two full months or more of continuous bloom. Linda.


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