Saturday, December 15, 2012

The whirlwind

For those thinking I am down in the basement every evening exhausting myself with a series of workouts that leave me too tired to blog, all I can say is that I'm glad you are not sharing those drugs.

No swim Wed, I knew it would be a late night for us. We saw Jesse Cook in concert! If you know who he is, you'll know we had a good time. If you don't, Google him. It's hard to describe what he does, but it involves seriously amazing guitar sounds. His latest album is a bit of a mood piece, and a departure from his other work, so this concert was a bit slower than ones in the past. At least the first set was. The second was the more usual party. The finale was the band coming into the audience, and singing Fall at your feet. Unplugged. Amazing.

Thursday the painting was done and I started putting the house back together. Much of that still needs to happen today. We might rearrange a bit. We are really pleased with the work he did, and will be bringing him back to do some outside work in the summer, and a bit more interior as we replace another 3 windows.

Friday was my company Christmas party at the Round Up centre. It's my first year there so I didn't know all that many people, but chatted with most of them. It was a typical big company banquet thing, but the food was good, and the hall was nicely decorated. The first band that was playing was really loud, and I didn't care for them much, and we left as they were winding up their set.

Today should be full of house stuff. Maybe I'll take some photos. My desk deserves a before and after. What a mess.

You will note this has been a fitness free post. That isn't an oversight. Maybe today.

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