Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I held my breath a little

Normally with computer stuff I like to get it to a stable state, and leave it. Minor upgrades are ok, but I get a bit twitchy if lots of things change. Because then all of a sudden stuff stops working, or works differently. Or to get an upgrade you have to do other upgrades.

There's a new iOS, and since someone I knew personally was struggling with it, (hope it's all sorted) and I don't have an iPhone 5, I ignored the upgrade. But tonight I noticed that Zite has an upgrade, and it sounded good. However, I had to upgrade the OS on my iPad. Sigh. I was a bit afraid of a chain reaction leading me to an iCloud place I didn't want to be.

I thought about it, and realized it was going to have to happen sooner or later, and that my usual cardinal rule had been satisfied. That is, never buy the first version of anything. The OS was 6.0.1. Good enough for me.

Still, I did a back up first (you are doing backups of all your computer stuff, RIGHT??), and then held my breath as I pushed the update button. It took quite a while, I had time to watch the final show of Leverage Season 3, and dry dishes before the software downloaded.

One thing about Apple, it's usually pretty tidy about doing upgrades. After it was done I checked it out and all seems good. The new version of Zite will take a bit of getting used to, but it looks very clean and elegant. It's my favourite news reader. Of course I went to find the ad limiter thingie, and turn it on, to limit the ad tracking. I hate these backwards logic settings choices. Everything else seems good, but of course now I have a bunch of apps that need to be updated. Facebook is one of them, and I never update it without check which privacy bombs have snuck in, and what needs to be adjusted.

I'm still being a slacker on the workout front, but will be getting back in the pool tomorrow. I actually was needed a bit of a mental break since I wasn't feeling the workout love. Normally I'm pretty happy to be going to the pool, but not last week. Since I didn't HAVE to, I didn't. This is the joy of not being under the race deadline, or on a schedule.

My wonderful massage therapist pummeled me pretty good, once again finding places that I didn't think needed work, that did. If you're looking for a massage therapist that's used to working on athletes and can do deep tissue, let me know.

Been following some politics stuff lately that's making me grind my teeth, but no time to write about it now.


  1. computer-y things always have me holding my breath...usually more than a little!

  2. You'll notice I didn't even start on the maps issue, but a very quick look had me pretty interested. I'm not sure how they did that faux 3 D effect. Still, I'm going to be careful about what it says.


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