Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sloth. Plus gluttony followup

Last you heard we were heading out for Christmas dinner with friends. We were not disappointed. Burp.

Afterward we played the train game we like. We've been playing this one or a North American version with them for years. Many years. Linda almost always wins. Here's the board, can you guess what colour she was using?


We got home fairly late, (for us), surprised how much traffic there was on the road. We were speculating how many of them were heading out to stalk their shopping prey.

We didn't stalk any at all, unless you call ripping baby cookies or chocolates out of their lair, stalking. We slept in. There was nice coffee. A big lunch. Lots of lazing around cuddling the cats and reading. Very relaxing.

There was no workout at all. The pool was open. I could have gone. But I didn't. It's still freaking cold out, and I'm not on a run schedule, so I didn't. It was very, very nice to stay inside today, not doing anything.

Oh, and look for embedded threaded comment! Down below, that little comments button. I'm still working on making it bigger.

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