Thursday, December 6, 2012

short but exciting

Wed. Swim. 20 minutes, + 10 more water running chatting with Katie. Fun. Shower. Phone rings as I'm putting on my shoes. Linda. Roof installers blew fuse, must have power. I have just enough time to zoom home before dental appointment. Shitty traffic. Reset fuse. Chat with guys very briefly. Zoom to dentist. Shittier traffic. Make it, less than a minute from walking in door to sitting in dentist chair.

Major success! Last time was 3.5 units of hard scrubbing. This time was an easy 2. I credit electric toothbrush, and the interesting vibrations it makes in my head. Sort of like a very small twin prop plane with the engines slightly out of synch. Hygienist very happy with me.

Work lasted forever, a very slow afternoon. If chocolates hadn't shown up I might not have made it. Seriously. #thisxlwillkillme

Yoga started ok. Nice stretches. Then I couldn't anymore. Something in my right hip locked up or gave up, or something. I couldn't even sit up without supporting myself with my hands. I could barely touch my knees in a forward bend, after working into it. Home and straight to bed.

Long day at work Thurs, once the thrill of nearly being run over in a  crosswalk was gone. Good thing looking is a habit. The high point of the day was hearing Harper agree with the opposition, perhaps for the first time in his life. I guess throwing red meat to his base doesn't go as far as legalizing fully automatic guns.

Plus shuffling serious amounts of money around. We paid the deposit for the roof on Visa, so I just assumed we could pay off the rest. Not. TD Visa phone support people are awesome. Can't wait to see the roof in daylight. Plus the new light switches that match the door handles arrived!

Even stretching is out. Hip is seriously cranky. Swim tomorrow is iffy.

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