Sunday, December 9, 2012

another scurry day

It was nice to sleep in a bit this morning, after a night that had a moment of excruciating pain. I just tried to roll over and part way through my right calf cramped up in a major way. I don't think I screamed, but I was certainly breathing hard.

Once up and around I was feeling a bit restless. After a bit of warm up stretching and working my hip, I decided to try an easy spin. One hour on the bike, warming up very gradually. Never pushing the cadence much above 100, and never in a really hard gear. This didn't bother my calf at all, and as long as I was sitting up my hip and low back were fine. Getting down onto the handlebars stretched my low back a bit, and I could feel a bit of a pull in my hip flexors. Afterword I worked hard on the ball, and there were some quiet clicks and pops from my hip and butt. It feels much better.

Lunch was starting to smell amazing. It looks pretty amazing too!


We had a little bit of quiet time after lunch, then started getting ready for a painter to come in tomorrow. This should tidy everything up after the door and window installation. Once again I have been forced to confront all the stuff in our lives.

I've been musing about future blog topics. Some might seem a bit heavy, like selective sex abortion, climate change, opportunities and consequences of unravelling our genetic code, the F-35 scandal and the future of the Harper government. Who knows what else might come up? For sure the mirrors in the elevators at work.

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