Sunday, December 23, 2012

Feeling better now

Even though I still haven't figured out why Disqus hates some comments, or my desktop computer, I've decided for the moment I don't want to struggle with going back to the old comment system. At least not at the moment. It might still happen. I wish I could do it on a test system first. I'm getting spoiled by work.

In other news, iPhoto and Photostream sometimes appear to not to talk to each other. Then I figured out that when I modify an image in Snapseed, Photostream still knows the original date the photo was taken and treats it as if it has just discovered it. No wonder I couldn't find it. Some others that I hadn't been able to find showed up as well, so that was a semi productive use of my day. One of these days I'll have to dive into Flickr and learn a bit more about what it does. I'm sure it's good for more than holding photos so I can put them on my blog.

By late afternoon I was getting itchy for a bike ride. I wanted to be getting sweaty on the bike, and best of all my back and hips had been getting less and less cranky all day. I had a good strong workout on the bike, only an hour, but I'd rather feel good for an hour, than try for longer and blow something up. There was only the faintest of pulls where my right hip flexor anchors into my hip. Nice warmup, some tempo pace, and 3 short bursts working up through the gears staying over 100 rpm while staying light and smooth on the pedals.

Long stretch session afterwards, rolling the ball, twists, cat/cow, pigeon. Nice. The 50 m pool is open the whole day. Haven't been swimming in a little while, and I'm feeling that itch too.


  1. I've been pathetic and apathetic. Travelling and sleeping. Lazing and procrastinating. I can't even be bothered to do my own blog these days.

  2. A comment! On the main computer. So the commenting thingie still works. All those things you mention? That's what this time of year is for. Enjoy it.


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