Monday, December 24, 2012

Kiss Disqus goodbye

It's gone. Nicole had left a comment that appeared nowhere except in my inbox. Not deep in the bowels of Disqus anywhere. I found it in Blogger comments, but it doesn't show it with the post it (supposedly) is attached to. However blogger thinks I have 4545 comments, and Disqus only 4508. I guess that means that nearly 40 comments are in limbo somewhere. Oh well, I'm sorry about that, but maybe they'll show up sooner or later. I'm sick of comments being eaten.

Perhaps more people will comment now. (Hint, Hint). The comment threads might be a bit more chaotic given Blogger doesn't do threading, but it's not like I get a zillion comments per blog, with readers coming back to comment on comments. Well, a couple people did a few times. Maybe it will be fun for people to figure out which response goes with which comment.

The little comment button is not obvious at all at the moment so I'll see if I can tinker with the layout to make it more visible.

In other news, I was in to Sunterra market in Britannia to pick up some last minute goodies. Across the road I went into a store to get a French Press for coffee. I've been meaning to try these for a while. My Facebook buddies will have seen this exchange already.
Half of a cell phone conversation overheard in the Britannia hardware and gift store. 
"They don't have one like that."
"What they have looks like (description)".
"Are you sure?"
"Chinook?! Are you kidding?!"
"Williams Sonoma. I'm doomed, you know that. It will probably be faster to leave my car here and walk there."
"Love you too dear."
(puts phone in pocket.)

I kept a straight face in front of the guy, but I felt pity for him. Sunterra was a madhouse with people lined up to demand their turkeys. Chinook parking will be a good approximation of the first levels of Hell, and the mall itself will be beyond that into some time-space continuum that fill even the damned with dread.

Before I got there I was in the pool for the last swim of the year. Imagine, a whole 50 m pool to myself. The water was the perfect temperature. I cruised along, not getting the feel of the water particularly well at first, but it came to be suddenly during some pull drill. Nice. A bit later some girls from one of the swim clubs showed up slumming. They were having fun discussing what they'd do. They were fast, but having fun and not working too hard I think. My swim was not fast, but I was having fun being in the water again. For the past couple weeks I wasn't feeling the pool love.

The rest of the day was lazing around. Tidying the media room where the tree will go, so there is room. Wrapping a present. We do not know how the cats will react to a tree, and would prefer to limit their exploratory inclinations. During the painting we had moved the little glass octopus we got from Bermuda into a high shelf in the guest bathroom. Someone, we think Celina, got up there and knocked it into the toilet. So at least there wasn't glass everywhere.

Drool protector for keyboards ON!
As a few of you know, Linda likes to cook. Loves to cook. Today she outdid herself. Roast chicken, roast potato and sweet potato, carrots done with the chicken, steamed broccoli, and amazing dressing, one of her secret recipes. Dessert was an apple crisp. Wine of course. Good thing I was hungry.


Drool protector OFF, unless you aren't done staring yet. That's ok.

The cats continue to amuse us. Curtis loves to drape over things, including humans. However it's really hard to get a photo of him doing that, so you'll have to settle for him draped over the kitty condo.

And such a sweet face! How could I not post a photo of Celina? I think she was actually asleep for this shot. She paid no attention to me at all as I took several shots.


Christmas Eve. I'll be recruited shortly to work on the tree. This year sure has gone by quickly.


  1. Curtis looks like a kitty I would very much like to meet one day. What a guy! :-)

    1. Curtis got very well fed during our vacation. He is not happy about being on shorter rations, but it needs to happen. Or else the vet will give us THE EYE.


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