Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Here we are again. Seems like every time I blink, Christmas is here again. I have a somewhat conflicted relationship with Christmas, but don't intend to get into that here.

We tried out coffee done in a French Press. Really good, and only slightly more fussy than the drip coffee maker. I'm wondering a bit, though. It says it's a 1 litre container or 8 cups. It's enough for us each to have one cup, with a bit left over. I didn't think our cups were THAT big. Did I mention it makes tasty coffee?

We did our gifts of course, since the tree and ornaments survived the night. We cheated of course and put it up in the media room so we could shut the door. We had Love Actually going for a while as we finished things off. That's one of my favorite Christmas movies. It had me at the first "Billy Mack" snork noise he made.

Today is another quiet day for us so far, though we're heading out for Christmas dinner with our oldest friends in Calgary, which pretty well means my oldest friend period. I've known Gord since 84 or 85, and shortly after he met Gail. We've been getting together for dinner, and movies, and coffee, and weddings, and the train game ever since. Though Gail was a bit dubious about us after the first visit. We were all having such a good time we didn't get out of her house till about 3 in the morning. Still it's all worked out. I know people who have been best friends with the same person for most of their lives, usually from early grade school. That seems a bit odd to me.

I got in a very nice spin session to work up an appetite. Did I mention Gail is a really good cook? On the bike 1.25 hrs for a moderate to strong workout, then a really good stretch after.

So far no fallout from removing Disqus. My spam filters are still working, and I think all the comments are there. The comment button is a bit easier to find now, and anyone can comment, so there is no excuse!


  1. We used a French press when we were in Phoenix and while the coffee was great I agree it only makes enough for 3 cups. Pretty annoying when you are making coffee for 4+ people every day!

    We also put our tree in the office for the door shutting capabilities! The cat prettying stays away from it now although when he was a litten he used to sit half way up the tree! Now we had to protect the tree from tiny fingers. We had to re-wrap a few gifts that she got to that weren't hers.

    Love Actually is one of my favourite movies! I have to watch it at least once a year. It came out the fall Jarrett and I first started dating.

    1. And a reply that ought to be embedded if I did that right! No idea if it will tell you or not.
      Our Amelia cat liked lurking under the tree. I think she felt safe there. These two lurk, and then start getting interested in things they should not be.
      I think there is a bigger size French Press available. Or we could do like our buddies do, they have at least 4 of them. But they run a B&B.


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