Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the lam from the potluck police

Sure enough, there are people roaming the hallways, dragging us to the big kitchen to EAT MORE FOOD! That or go downstairs to see if you won anything in the raffle. I didn't. I ate lots of good stuff, including some pretty awesome fudge. Almost but not quite too much food. I won't need to eat supper tonight. There is a plate here showing I've been doing my share of eating, so now I get a rare chance for a mid-week mid-day post. The cookes I brought are almost gone. All is good.

My work year end is wrapping up here pretty quick. I've got a timesheet to do, and a little bit of house cleaning, then I'll pack it up and go rescue our car from the dealership. Then some errands taking the scenic route home.

Wed night yoga class was amazing. What with some serious rollering and other stuff earlier this week, my back and hip have been loosening up. There was a 7 minutes a side (I timed myself reading on the iPad) Pigeon Pose that really did good things. Then lots of good stuff in yoga that really helped. That isn't to imply that there is stuff in yoga class that isn't good, not at all. During the run up to Ironman it's like Fiona designed the class around me. So many nights where the class was doing stuff that was just what I needed.

Good news for the old, cracked iPad. The case arrived; same one as I have for the new one. Now that the iPad is safely enveloped I don't mind touching it again. I downloaded TouchPad onto it so it's now a giant trackpad for the main computer. That and a music server. Tonight I'll play with the apps to make more space, then copy the entire music library from my iTunes to it. Then we can have music through the good stereo system. Playlists, must remember to do some playlists as well.

If I get ambitious I'll get on my bike tonight. I've been mentally itchy to get back on the workout bus, but my body wasn't quite so eager.

No comments at all on the novel extract. I'm not sure what that means. If I was a conspiracy nut, I'd think all my readers got together to collude on the thought "don't respond,and maybe he'll stop." But much as I love a good conspiracy theory, I'm not a conspiracy nut. I'm thinking your eyes glazed over as you read it, and your head bonked the keyboard as you were going to sleep. Then when the impact woke you up again the browser was gone and you went on with the next thing to do, having totally forgotten about it till now. And since you're burning with fascination to read more of my brilliant prose, click here.

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