Wednesday, March 7, 2012

workout x 3 first time in a while

If you missed it, you can find the Bermuda photos and videos here.

Started with a swim this am. I was feeling just a bit off at first, and slowly settled in. 
750 m warmup
kick, pull, kick, pull
6 x 50 on 60, starting about 48 seconds and slowly slipping to 53 or so.
more pull
Then, because the pool was empty, I moved closer to the pace clock so I could see my pace. Finished 1000 m in 19 minutes exactly, swimming with tired arms, trying to maintain good form, although I was a bit clunky at the end. 65 minutes swimming, another 10 doing stretching and core.

Second breakfast, some contract hunt stuff, then onto the bike.

30 minutes warm up with some spin ups.
30 minutes steady at just over 200 w per goal kg, heart rate slowly rising from 134 to 140 bpm, breathing just past where I could keep up using only my nose, and sweating like a stuck pig. 
5 minutes rest, then trying 220 watts or so, and that was just too much for now and didn't last long.
Cool down. 1.5 hrs altogether. 

Then back into yoga class! As almost always, F gave me what I needed. Great stretches tonight. Tired. Bedtime now.

One of my blog buddies had a post about boobs, and her adventures with hers. That, and the sight in Coop today (it was warm, but I hadn't thought THAT warm) has had a rant about boobs and the MPAA slowly growing in my brain. Stay tuned over the next couple days. 

For those that care about blog stats, I'm coming up on 4000 comments. I'll have to think about what celebration that merits.


  1. Sounds like a good day. I am week 7 of exercising regularly... and I managed 60 push-ups today. 60. Holy crap. I couldn't even do 1 in January.

    And everyone wants to hear about boobs.

    Also: Wow. That's a lot of comments!

  2. I don't think there is any one month where I've done 60 pushups. There might not be any season where I've done 60 pushups. I am impressed. 60. Wow. Stay tuned.

  3. I came for the boobs. There I said it.

  4. What!!???? No link to the boobs? Sheesh...what kind of operation are you running here?

  5. Boob teaser. Won't need no link to the boobs. All content will be here. Stay tuned.

  6. You're going to rant about boobs? I can't wait!

  7. It's started. Hope to finish it tomorrow. Once I sleep in. Once I get my bike workout done...

  8. I just looked and I'm at 2004 comments. I totally missed the 2000 mark, so now I'll have to wait for another thousand to celebrate anything. Looking forward to the boobs rant.

  9. Some of those comments are mine, since I try to respond to comments. It's my way of appreciating the comment love.


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