Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An important trip with link bait

Here's the results of the important trip in my basement.

The cognoscenti among you will know where I've been, and why it's important. For the price of less than a half a tank of gas and a few hours of easy driving, I essentially got one of those kits free.

There was other good news today that makes me very happy. More about that as it develops and I can talk about it.

I was out in a surprisingly cool and windy day for 5K. No idea how fast. Just worked on a quick turnover for my feet. My legs felt really really heavy. Maybe that's because they were in a car for a good chunk of the morning. Still, I did it, which is good, and what's more, I did some core stuff afterward.

It's official. I am fomenting a revolution about the stupid tests to prove I'm not a robot. Those of you who's blogs still require such things have been warned.

In other news, Linda is feeling better. We think she picked up a flu bug from the great unwashed herd on the LRT. Let's just say the last 24 hours haven't been pleasant for me, and downright unhappy for her. But better now.

Lastly, the Bermuda post has been popular, but not near so popular as the boobs rant. Seems like Blogger has been pissy about comments from the Blackberry platform too. I got some emails from people saying they had liked it but couldn't comment. As of now, that rant is easily my most popular, in 4th place overall, between my two main Ironman posts, and gaining fast on the SUAR fan club post.


  1. Had no idea the SUAR fan club post was among the top posts! That was such a long time ago since we last ran! Now that the weather is getting nice (eg not -20 anymore), we should definitely get together for a run soon!

    I'm sorry Linda was sick. *knock on wood* i've not had the flu, and no intentions of getting them ever again. hope she's better soon!

  2. Those SUAR readers are something else. They read but don't comment. Or else Beth is stalking me by visiting the page many many times a day. But I think she has better things to do. Your new buddy Deb wants to run in Weaselhead too! Scheduling might be complicated though.

    Linda is up, has eaten very lightly after sleeping all afternoon, and is feeling better.

  3. YES!!! I somehow think a couple of these might make your fave list...
    German Traminer Spatlese,
    Australia Shiraz Viognier
    Argentine Torrontes Chardonnay (I just started this one.)
    Italian Nebbiolo

  4. Would be so cool if all of us could run in Weaselhead!

  5. Before I got banned by SUAR (oddly, I believe the banning was boob-related!), she sent thousands of hits my way, but only a few people became followers and they were mostly those who follow every running blog. I'm about four posts behind here... I may just have to break down and become a follower.


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