Sunday, March 4, 2012

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We're back. My phone had about 400 photos and a dozen videos before I weeded it down, getting rid of near duplicates, photos of my finger, unfocussed, ect. No, they aren't all posted below. But I will post lots of photos, mainly because Bermuda, yes Bermuda is beautiful. My iPad knew where I was because we had free wifi in our apartment, but wanted to avoid roaming charges, so I pretty well left the phone in airplane mode. There were some interesting guesses about where I was.

We got back about noon Friday. If I'd been ambitious, I'd have got on the bike. But I didn't. Shopping and unpacking was about the extent of my activities.

Saturday I was in the pool for a real swim. Not long and hard, just getting my water feel back. Later in the afternoon it was a very windy 10 C (50 F). Sunday was supposed to be nice too, but Linda found a forecast for a brief snow flurry tonight. So I ran yesterday afternoon, in shorts and a long sleeved tech shirt. Not as windy as our first day in Bermuda, but still pretty strong. I headed up to the reservoir, pushing hard into the wind. The air here is very thin and dry. The way back was easier, and there was one point running with the wind it was almost hot, but that didn't last long.

In the end I swam about 40 minutes, and ran 45. That's good enough to get started again. I already miss running in the warmth. In a few minutes  I'll be down in the basement on my bike.

Take a look, a bit later today with any luck, for a post with many photos, videos, and some commentary, complete with links to posts made during the vacation. I'll put it on my pages, and you can find them down below my blogroll, below the followers, and above the archive of blither.

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