Thursday, March 15, 2012

savasana in the pool

Yesterday, when I got home, I was going to get on the bike before starting a busy day. I didn't. I was beat. I sat down and fell asleep. Lunch with a buddy. A couple of great phone calls in the afternoon. Yoga in the evening, and it was a really good class, full of stretching goodness.

Today was supposed to be 15, sunny, and calm. Bah!

Cool this morning going into the pool. That's fine. Swam an hour, feeling pretty good overall. Just under a 19 minute K to warm up.
kick, pull, kick, drill, pull, kick. I think that's it.
Trying 100 m intervals on 2 minutes. Did 4, 97 seconds, 101, 102, 105. Bleah.
more kick and pull, some backstroke to cool down.

After the swim I tried something new. There was nobody else in the lane, and only a couple other people in the pool. It was calm and peaceful. I hooked my feet over the lane rope, snuggled my ankles into the plastic discs, and lay back. It was great! The water just covered my goggles, with my nose and mouth sticking out so I could breath. Very relaxing. The howling gale that is usually blowing from the training pool into the competition pool wasn't happening, so the parts poking out of the water were warm. Hit the hot tub after and chatted with Ted, another triathlete.

Big social day. In the course of stuff, I was down to my old office and bought my office roomie a cup of tea and got caught up on all the doings. Lots of changes there. On the way out I ran into both my managers, and chatted to one of them quite a bit. Later this afternoon, I'm back into the office to pick up an order placed before I left.

Once home I was hoping for that 15 C, but it was much cooler than that. I resigned myself to running in tights and long sleeved shirt. Ran up to Glenmore, past the South Glenmore park boat dock a little ways and came home running nice and easy for my LSR. It turns out to be almost exactly 13K round trip, done in 90 minutes. Which, according to the handy dandy pace calculator I use, is a 6:55 K pace. Perfect! Legs felt pretty good, though they were getting tired towards the end, and I was getting hungry. I could have kept going.

It was much windier than expected, especially on the way back. Uphill, and into the wind, and I still was only about 30 m from an even split. Happy!


  1. Awesome run!! I don't run 13k yet but my pace is about the same as yours at 10k. Glad you got to enjoy the pool.

    You comin' back downtown anytime soon? We have yet to do another lunch.

  2. In my point of view, both exercise and diet are important because it gives enormous benefits for a better healthy leaving.

  3. I think going to 13 K was just about right. I was a bit creaky after, and I'm a bit creaky today, but it feels like a training creaky, not an I overdid it and I'm hurting today creaky.

    I hope to be downtown regularly again soon! I'll keep you posted.


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