Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brick, video, and a boob followup

In just over 48 hours my rant about boobs has cracked the top 10 list for most read posts. It's pretty clear my readers love boobs. I will not be surprised if it makes it's way into the number 2 spot fairly soon, even surpassing the SUAR love. (Minds out of the gutter SUAR fans!) By far most of the readers came from Beth's blog. More than Facebook. More than Google. I feel the love. Thanks readers, don't be afraid to comment. Here's the list for your delight and edification.

I know why Stock is the number one post. Anyone care to take any guesses why?

Saturday I had planned on going for a swim first thing. But sleep happened instead. Yay! Later on I got my own form of core by working on more of the vapour barrier repairs. This is to properly seal up the areas between the joists that were badly done when the house was built. I had started with this mono acoustical goop that you're supposed to use. Holy Hannah is that stuff messy! It's much harder than I thought it would be to maneuver the business end of the tube to where it needs to go. (TWSS!)

I was looking to see how to deal with wires, and piping and ducts and stuff, and found a reference to Tuck Tape. No, not duct tape, the single most essential tool needed for bringing up children. This is a very sticky red tape. Once I got the hang of it, and fully grasped what "work with small pieces" means, I got on pretty well.

Standing on a ladder, reaching overhead, stretching, pulling, pushing, twisting, and balancing for several hours all added up to a pretty good workout.

Sunday is nice out. Very nice. How nice? Think about this. I was on the bike inside for 3 hours, riding hard for most of it. I was completely wet at the end, as if I'd just climbed out of a pool. I changed shoes, put on a hat, and headed out for a run. In Calgary, in early March, shorts and tech shirt soaking wet, and was comfortable. The weather channel said 12 C (53 F) and windy. It was nice. Ran 3K, no idea how fast, working on keeping turnover up. I found a stride quite quickly and enjoyed the run. If there wasn't so much crap on the side of the roads I'd have wanted to ride outside.

Today's spin goal was to go 3 hours, pushing moderately hard, with a mix of fast easy spin, hill work, endurance work, and by accident did some hard fast spin.  Here's a video of the second attempt. Sorry about the shaky view, but you bikers will know how hard it is to stay steady holding on with one hand while working hard. I even did some one leg drill.

I particularly liked the noise the trainer made, and wish I could make it do that all the time.

Stretched after and ate. Relaxing now. Thinking about a busy week ahead.


  1. Boobs always boost pageviews. My Boobs I Follow post was huge, too. Everyone likes boobs. What's not to like?

  2. When it comes to boobs, there is just no sitting on the fence with that one.

  3. I saw that post! It was a great idea. Not that I thought of it first or anything, but even if I had, I don't think I'd have had the nerve to ask if I could use photos like that. Oh, and that post has now moved into ninth place, and with not much more traffic it will hit fifth. Go boobs go!

  4. Nope. And what's more, almost everybody seems to be on the same side of it.

  5. I once titled a post: Pantyhose, pee, and neoprene. I get an amazing number of page views from that one, and some interesting search words...

    The weather is AMAZING. Really wishing I could hit the highways with my road bike, but I'm afraid of all the gravel. I might pull out my hybrid with bike trailer though...

  6. I can just imagine the search words! I'm wishing I could run every day while it's nice, but that would turn into too much running too soon.


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