Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's tough when plank is the easiest

I forgot all about writing about yoga class on Wed evening. That was my swim for an hour and run 13 K or so day. So I was tired and a little tender going into class. There was a small hope that F would relent on us because a minor knee owie, but it was not to be.

Now I don't remember all what we did, but I do remember walking out thinking that you know it's been a tough yoga class when plank is the easiest thing in it. Some of the people complained about how long we held the pose, but not me. Oh no. There was other, harder stuff. There were many stiff notes of complaint from my legs to my brain. Still, once I got home it felt pretty good, and when taking the long view, it was probably the right thing to do.

Thursday was a very long walk, some brisk, some not. Up and down stairs, ramps, and once up an elevator only because I didn't know where the stairs were. There are bits of the +15 system that are tricky.

Friday was a take it easy day. I stretched a bit, and was on the bike for an hour of easy spin. I took Julie's advice and took the bike out of the stand to clean the trainer friction wheel. I am still surprised that a rubber tire can make what appear to be permanent marks in a steel tube. Once I got the rubber off, I could see faint grooves in the friction wheel. I also recalibrated, and what a pain in the behind that is. The little wheel is at the very bottom of the unit, with barely enough room to get my fingers in there to turn it. I'm pretty sure that after I went back and forth a little bit, I essentially ended up where I started.

That afternoon we went out to see John Carter at the theatre. This is a big deal for us, since we typically see maybe 2 or 3 movies a year in the theatre. There was hardly anyone else there. Mostly we enjoyed it. I was disappointed because in the books Deja is nude, but I suppose you can't have that even in a PG-13 movie. The movie seems to otherwise follow the books, but then, it's been a very very long time since I read them. It wasn't a bad movie at all, so I don't know why flop is being attached to it. I don't think it was marketed well, and there is all those complicated names to keep straight. That's a lot of work for today's audience. They seem to prefer the predigested pap of Twilight, for example.

Each of these nights I've been sleeping like a rock, which is good. Today (Saturday if you've lost track) I had my bag packed for the pool, but decided not to set the alarm or anything. Since I slept till a reasonable time I figured I needed the sleep more than the swim.

But all is not lost. I did get on the bike for a short but moderately hard workout. Easy warmup, then a series of gradual builds to successively higher peaks to see what my legs would think of increased load. On the Friday spin I could feel the stiffness and clunkiness in my legs and didn't push it. Today was much better. No twinges, spin was smooth, though I didn't push to high rpm's or anything. I did spend a little while up near the peak of my wattage, and things still felt good.

Once I pick up some supplies, the next wine kit gets started, and the one on the go now gets racked to a carboy. That's a nice way to spend the afternoon, when it's still too cold for a weenie like me to go for a ride outside. I'm seriously contemplating getting another wheel and cassette for my bike, so I can quickly and easily swap between inside and outside tires. Yeah, I'm lazy like that.

Is there a quick way of knowing how many cogs are on each disc of the cassette, without having to count them?

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