Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trying to recruit my butt

For a few minutes this morning I was dithering about biking or running or sloth. There was a bit of iPad dithering as well, but mainly the fitness stuff. Then I recalled something I'd read earlier, that if I'd start when I first thought of it, I'd be done now.

So I got off the dither and decided to bike. At this point my legs were feeling pretty good, a little tired I thought, but had no idea how they would react to a workout. Started easy, and got into the groove quite quickly. At 15 minutes I started in at the top of endurance pace, and stayed there for 75 minutes. Only took small breaks to stand maintaining watts, and a few spin ups. I was down on the drops for some time trying to get used to that again. That used to be impossible; I had too much gut and it was thwap thwap thwap all the way. Much better now.

Much of the ride I was trying to concentrate on various things. Even smooth spin. Trying to get my butt into the action and pull some weight, instead of leaving it all to the quads and hams. Not sure how successful that was. Different hand positions. Trying to push standing up for longer periods. Keeping spin even at higher rpms.

At the end of 75 minutes I pushed it up to FTP for 14 minutes. Then 115% of FTP for 30 seconds, and for the final 30 seconds pushed it to 125% of FTP. Then 15 minutes cool down, for a 2 hour strong bike. Very happy with it. Stretched and core after.

This evening some buddies went out to dinner at Cravings. We figured this was a good choice of food for people with a variety of food restrictions. I certainly had a good time, and hope they all did as well. It was great catching up on people, and not just triathlon or fitness stuff.


  1. Ahhh the 17th Social Gathering that I have missed once again. BOO.

    Cravings -- I think I have gone there with my sister and her hubby -- it was excellent!

    Look at you and your FTP and your %s and your numbers!! You must be having data quiver-tail! YAY!!!! LOL!!!

  2. Everybody, Julie WAS invited, she truly was, in an epic email. I understand she couldn't make it, I truly do. It's a little bit of a drive to get here, it truly is. And she is truly is a very busy girl. The meal WAS excellent, even though I'm still digesting it and have no need of breakfast or lunch today. Prime Rib, two HUGE slices, on top of a mound of veg, mashed potato, and a cute little Yorkshire pudding. Plus dessert of course.

    Data quiver tail. That's only the half of it.

  3. Prime Rib -- Good Lord, what did I miss?! Oh man... And the epic email was truly EPIC. LMAO!!

  4. Cravings, I don't think I have been there so will check it out. Good post!

  5. Cravings is kind of an interesting twist. You get a card when you are seated. Don't lose it. Then you wander around several kitchen windows and order whatever you please. They swipe the card. If there's lots of prep they bring the food to you when ready. Other things, like salad, they make in front of you. At the end of the evening you hand over the card to the cashier and pay up. Great system. Food is good.


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