Tuesday, March 13, 2012

swimcoreswimrun windy!

Yesterday was back in the pool, feeling kind of clunky.
Just a hair under 19 minutes 1000 m warmup. still feeling clunky.
A bunch of pull and a bit of drill. Blah.
Trying 50's on 60 seconds, and having no zip.
Something else and only beginning to find the groove at the end of 45 minutes.

Water core to round out the hour. Chatted with Rose who says that the Chinook medals will be awesome, but wouldn't give me any details. I've known I had to sign up sooner or later, and when I got home was a good time. Now of course, I have to be prepared to eat Cath's dust. She is in it too, which ought to be fun. You can bet I'll be right on her toes for as long as possible, which probably won't be all that long.

Everybody talks about their time goals for a race. I have no time goal. I have an emotional goal. Chinook half IM was the very first triathlon I did, and predictably enough it was a sufferfest. I was barely conditioned enough to finish, but that was a huge huge step from where I had been the year previous. Then I did it again hoping to do much better. Unfortunately I didn't, and it was a very very long day too. What I'd like is to have a good day. Fast is nice, but what I'd really like is to race to my fitness level (whatever that is on the big day) and have fun.

Today was back in the pool again. Why not? I have to drive right by it after dropping Linda at work. Might as well take advantage of not having to go into an office these days.

I felt really clunky to start. That first 50 m was really, really slow, but it came around. Only did 500 m warmup this time.
Kick, pull, kick, pull, kick, drill.
Then, for the first time in a while, 10 x 50 m on 60 seconds. Fastest was 47 seconds (the last one), and slowest was 51 seconds, (somewhere in the middle.) Yay! Now to start driving it down to 45 S.
A bit more pull and drill.
45 minutes total.

Home, snack, quick bit of email, change, run.
Holy Hannah it was windy! They said gusts to 70 kph, and I believe it. Running crosswind was tricky. After a short warmup I got into a groove and chugged along till the 5.5 K mark (35:30), where my legs were starting to fall apart a bit. Ran easy another 15 minutes or so, trying to stay out of the wind. It wasn't cold, just blustery and gusty, bringing in some weather.

Since the run the wind has been crazy. I had to go rescue our patio chairs and put them upside down. Now it's raining and snowing both. Pity I have to go out in it later this afternoon. Hope it calms down.

The boobs rant is now firmly in 6th place on the all time list. Some good comments on it.


  1. Did you go to Talisman Centre this morning? I was there to see my physio. It hurt.

  2. Yes. Was there from shortly before 7 to about 8:15. Physio should hurt, otherwise you aren't working hard enough.

  3. I always feel clunky in the pool, I'm starting to think that's just standard for me.

    Oh man, it's been windy here too, it certainly makes it hard to run and bike! You know it's bad when it's hard to pedal downhill. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday Keith!

  4. Should have come over to Talisman then and said hi, as I was at Physio from 7-7:30.


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