Sunday, May 10, 2009

Still tired

Had a nice day yesterday. Well, except for more struggle trying to get the photo out of the phone and into the computer. Turns out you need to buy some special service from Telus to pay through the nose to transfer photos. Let me get this straight. I pay for the phone and airtime already, it's my photo, and I have to pay extra to transfer it somewhere useful. I was buying a wired keyboard and mouse yesterday because the wireless versions were making me crazy, and I came THAT close to getting an iPhone at the same time. But you don't care about any of that. You hate your computer already, and don't want to know about my computer difficulties.

Yesterday would have been a crap day for a ride anyway, windy, cold, and periodic rain, with some hail thrown in. Yuck. Today was much nicer. Lori and I went down the Road to Nepal, though we didn't go quite to the very end. I worked on pushing harder up the hills, trying to spin, and go up much faster than usual. The ride ended up being a hair under 2.25 hrs.

Then we ran around the block after a short transition. For the first part of it her Garmin was telling us we were doing 6 minute Km pace!!! Neither of us believed we were going that fast, but we slowed down a bit anyway. 20 minutes. It felt pretty good. Nice long stretching session after. Chatchatchatchatchatchatchat.

Weekly Summary
Swim 5.0 hrs
Bike 4.5 hrs (this was down a little from what it should be.)
Run 4.0 hrs.
Total 13.5 hrs.

Even looking at that and I can't quite believe it. Some of the workouts were very intense, so this wasn't a week of long easy stuff. Not sure what next week is bringing yet.

Darryl still, STILL hasn't written about his ride last weekend. And I'm all excited for Julie in her Oly, and hope things went well for her today. I'll be stalking her blog till she posts. (hint hint) hahahahahaha.


  1. Nice workouts! You're really dialing it up for sure. Great getting a run on off the bike, that is just so huge, even if it's a short one to shake the legs out.

  2. way to go Keith...I have to come do the Road to Nepal....

  3. Ridiculous about your phone -- another reason why i refuse to but a cell phone...LOL!

    The best part about the road to Nepal is the chatting afterward...:) :)

  4. BUY THE iPHONE!!!! My spouse has one and I love playing with is so fun to play with all the applications. If I wasn't so cheap and used my phone more than three times in a month, I would totally have an iPhone....

  5. 5 hours of swimming? Wow...nice week of workouts for sure! Keep up the good work Keith.


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