Thursday, May 14, 2009

Delayed, complicated swim

I had a good tired going last night, going to bed. This morning I woke up and knew, knew in the bottom of my heart that I did not want to hit the pool first thing in the morning. Greg had a complicated workout set up. I read it about 3 times, and each time my response was WTF???

I didn't feel bad, and while I was a little tired, I wasn't exhausted, or feeling beat up. I wasn't feeling like I wanted to go back to bed. Part of it was having a nose full of swimming pool. But mainly, I just didn't wanna. At least not right away. So I didn't.

Did about a half hour of yoga and stretching this morning. That felt really good, and was something I think my body wanted instead of another swim. Nothing beyond the usual went crickle crackle, but I sure felt better when I was done. Ran some errands, including going to MEC for some Clif's bars, and such. They've got all sorts of goodies there at a really good price. I was browsing for some full finger gloves because it's been so freaking cold out here lately. But all the ones I liked weren't available in my size. Plus, I kind of figured that if I bought the gloves, it was like giving it permission to be cold for a while yet.

I'd brought my swim gear, including writing down the work out. Actually writing it down, can you imagine? On a little piece of paper stuffed into a baggie. I felt like this was proof of my inability to remember some simple numbers, but I know lots of other people do it too. It was my first time.

Warmed up a good long time and did some drill. This was going to be some hard swimming, and wanted to be ready. I got in just before the lanes technically opened at lunch time. I'd done some warm up laps when a girl I sort of know joined me. She swims only slightly slower than me. We hatched a plot to swim fast and keep the lane for ourselves. We'd tell anyone that joined us we were doing some timed fast stuff, and they'd have to keep up or be swum under. That got rid of 2 people, but the third nodded and said she'd been watching us, and thought she could keep up. She did. No problemo. I love swimming with people that are considerate about lane swimming.

Here's the workout. Yes, I know, you all do more complicated workouts, but I'm just a poor simple men creature. This is a lot of numbers for me.
4x50 golf, 83 each time, at least I'm consistent.
4x200 base (30rest), I think I lost track and did at least one 250 m set.
4x100 pace (20rest), Some of these had less than 20 seconds rest so I'd fit into the swimming pattern.
4x50 fast (30rest),
4x25 all-out w/ 20sec rest, I've never done these, ever. And because I couldn't see the pace clock from the other end of the pool, I've no idea at all how fast I was.
good c/d Oh yea, baby, I love cool down. I swim easy and relaxed until my time starts going slower than 60 seconds for 50 m, then do a few more as I gradually slow down. At first it seems like you're putting in hardly any effort and still going fast.

Overall I was in the pool an hour or so and figure I swam maybe 2500 m. The swim felt good and I felt strong throughout. Times weren't brilliant, but were consistent. The pool was very choppy from the walkies in the next lane, and a couple of the swimmers in the other lane splashed a lot. But it could have been worse.

It's been cloudy and overcast here, and cold. At first they didn't forecast rain, but it looked, and smelled like rain. After the swim I had some lunch and was catching up on email. It started to rain. Hard. I'm looking at my schedule and seeing if I can rearrange, since I didn't really want to hit the trainer, then do a T run off the bike, into the rain. Which turned out to be a good idea. Depending on exactly when I started, I'd have been out in a pretty good hailstorm. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, and I'll do things then.


  1. You are not a poor man creature! I ALWAYS write down my workouts for the whole week, and put the in order in my sandwich baggie. There is no way I could remember all the stuff I have to do.

    SO, good on ya!!! :) :) :)

  2. Nice - at least you put yours in a baggie. Mine is always wet and plastered to the pool deck. Then they end up wet and cumpled in the bottom of my bag. Gross.

    Have you tried Love that site.

    Congrats on the great swim!

  3. Oh yeah. That MEC place looks AWESOME!! Lucky. Well, actually. If that was close to me - I would probably be broke :)

  4. Way to go getting that workout done despite the "don't wannas!" I love your plan to keep people out, too, but good for the brave one for keeping up.

    I love the smell of rain. Except when it's been raining nonstop, then notsomuch. I hope spring arrives soon!

  5. I write my workouts down too - no matter how simple and short they are b/c I know I will forget. Sounds like a great workout with considerate lane mates! Wahoo!

  6. PS- good call on not buying the gloves. :)


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