Thursday, May 21, 2009

The run took more out of me than I thought

I'm becoming quite a fan of naps, especially with a cat. Just lately I seem to be on the ragged edge of getting enough sleep to feel rested. Even with going to bed early and the naps I've had almost every day this week.

The swim today was ok. My shoulders felt fine, and my pace was good during warm up. I did lots of drill, and some shorter intervals, but I could tell I had nothing in the bank to push hard. I decided getting a good half hour in was better than trying to push for the longer, faster times, and going bonk, or break. I did another 15 or 20 minutes core work and stretching in the dive tank.

Then, as far as workouts are concerned, my day stopped there. I was supposed to go for a ride and a run, but my legs said no way. I did manage to get some yard work done, and washed the outside of the windows. And napped for a bit, lets not forget that. My legs don't hurt, but they are tired and I just feel depleted here. This is one of the first times we've had ok weather for a bike where I've passed on it. Ok means cloudy and low teens for temp.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, and once the frost lifts and it warms up, I'll go.


  1. sometimes a nap is the best thing you could do for yourself.

  2. That's great that you can listen to your body and know that it needs a break. Means it'll pay you back when you need it. I'm hoping for good weather for you guys up there!

  3. I agree with Amy...isn't cool to be that dialed into the needs of your body?!?

    Enjoy the Sunny 17 degree we are getting today!

  4. Naps are the best recovery drink! :) :)


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