Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ho-hum, another snowy run

The plan called for a swim today. I didn't. My massage therapist warned me that my arms and shoulders might be a bit sore today because she really worked them over last night. At one point, I'm reasonably sure that she did a handstand on the table, settled her elbow into part of my shoulder, then put all her weight on it. I took Linda into work, then came home again. A few minutes later I was cuddled into one of the chairs, under a blanket, and under a purring cat, and I stayed there for the next 3 hours or so. I must have needed the sleep.

I'd been looking forward to the run. Once I woke up I got some lunch and started preparing. It was 3 C out. Potential rain and snow, with a thunderstorm forecast for later afternoon or early evening. Dressed carefully, and drove up to South Glenmore Park again. Same route as last time, around the Weasel head and along North Glenmore park. I got to about 8.5 K at turnaround.

The plan called for a long easy warmup, and then 15 minute sets where I gradually build to slightly above goal half pace. I'm not very good at gradual building. The first one started down at the bottom of the Weasel head near the bridge. I built too fast, and was going up the hill too fast. There was a class full of little kids, shambling all over the place. A couple kids got out of my way just in time. This one little kid was told to move to his right, someone was coming. He panicked, turned around, saw me bearing down on him and nearly wet himself. He didn't know which way to go. I ripped his soul out with my eyes, tossed it into the ditch and told him to chase it. He practically dived after it, and just as well. I was quite prepared to trample him. I was feeling very Darwinian today.

Shortly after that, near the top of the hill I checked my heart monitor, and it said 160 or 93% of max heart rate. No wonder I was breathing hard. I got to the top of the hill with another 5 minutes to go in that set. I walked for a minute, trying not to spew. Then I got a gel (Clif Shot energy gel) and some water into me and started an easy run again.

The next one started a bit easier, but I still built too fast, and spent a long time running at the very top of zone 3, and even a bit above. There was a slight urge to spew here as well, but not as bad.

The next one I tried really hard to be careful, and managed to spend only 3 or 4 minutes at the very top of zone 3. Slurped another gel here. If you open them carefully, the little tab stays attached to the main packet, which makes it easier not to litter. Nice. There's lots of garbage cans along the path here.

The last one I was getting tired, and ended up topping out a little below the top of zone 3. About here it started snowing. I didn't care. Running in the snow is ok. I ran nice and easy back toward the car. I stopped at the two hour mark, and walked a few minutes back to the car. Stretched in a picnic shelter, watching it snow. I was soaked, inside and out. I think I really had worn too much but it's hard to tell. Being new at this fitness stuff, I don't have much selection for workout clothing yet.

The Clif Shots went down pretty good. They seem just a bit thicker than the Gu. MEC only had three flavours, Moka, Razz, and Strawberry. I'd also picked up a bunch of Clif bars as well last time I was there. Only a few flavours, including one I don't like. I guess there's still a problem with that peanut issue. I like to use them on my longer bike rides, along with my home made energy drink. I'm still going to bed early tonight.


  1. OMG! "I ripped his soul out with my eyes, tossed it into the ditch and told him to chase it. He practically dived after it, and just as well. I was quite prepared to trample him. I was feeling very Darwinian today." The dark side of me is laughing out loud, while the light side is saying " are so going to get bit by karma for that one dude!" tee hee.

    AWESOME effort my friend! sleep well.

  2. That's hilarious. Only thing worse than a little kid, a dumb ass adult with a dog on a stupid retractable leash that thinks it's cute if I get decapitate.

    More workout clothes, gotta rotate before you rot yours out...or you get permastink;P

  3. My running wardrobe sucks. I am working on it...I buy stuff and then think it is too nice to run in!! So I wear it for casual wear. I did buy a new run shirt for the half on Sunday...very and fast!!!


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