Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Running with tummy gurgle

This is a two part post.
Part 1 - Swimming with the floaties.

My inner shark was out big time today. BIG TIME! I thought I'd check out Acadia pool this morning. The people at the front were nice, and on the deck they told me which were the fast lanes, and that people would be nice. NOT! I'm in, getting warmed up. I'm blowing past one geezer flailing away with fins and paddles. Another geezer joins us and starts swimming all over the place. Then they stop me and ask me to swim in a circle. Fine, no problem. After I lap them a couple times, they both go swim somewhere else. I carry on. Then some other geezer joins me and at least has the wit to stay out of my way. Mostly. Then she goes away. Then another one joins in, and is both slow and stupid. She pushes off right in front of me, doing breast stroke, slow. I swim past close enough that she touches me as she thrashes along. Next lap I pass her again, leaving a bit more room. That bit more could be measured in millimeters. Next time she's waiting for me and starts complaining. Wants her own lane. Doesn't want to touch me. "Lady, you're in the fast lane. I'm swimming fast. Swim in circles like we're supposed to, if you like, and I'll pass you when I need to. Swim against traffic and I'll run you over. Bye". She swam straight up and down in the lane next to me. I passed her a lot. My inner shark snapped his jaws every time we passed. Throughout my swim the aquasize class started gathering in the walkies lane. My inner shark was tempted, but I told him that much blubber wouldn't be good for him. Even though they were in the next lane, they were right on the lane rope. I felt like the Titanic dodging icebergs.

About my swim. There was a plan. I read it several times. Then when I got to the pool, it disappeared out of my brain. So I just swam. 3 Km, 59 minutes. I'm sure it would have been 58 if the chatty floaties hadn't stopped me. I was working on feeling strong and smooth in the water, with slightly different paces. Trying never to be slower than 1 minute/50 m pace. I think it mostly worked out.

I won't be back to that pool, unless I don't have any choice. The locker room is small and cramped. Showers aren't nice. No hot tub or dive tank. There are two pace clocks, but in weird places. With the fast lanes in the center, I can't see either of them with my eyesight. And the floaties. That was no fun.

Part 2- Running with tummy gurgle.

Today is one of those days where it looks warm. Looks being the operative word. I was getting dressed to go out midmorning, and was thinking shorts and a t shirt. NOT! I ended up in tights and a long sleeved tech shirt. The Police half marathon shirt if you must know.

I wasn't sure how this was going to go. I was feeling a little stiff and heavy. Supposed to do 7 x 15/1. Stretched a bit. Started slow, and used most of the first 15 min to warm up and find a pace. I wanted to settle in at the top of zone 2, and run easy. I managed that, and the only times I went above it were the two big hills, and, well you'll see. I got around to where the driveway to the rowing club, maybe 7.5 or 7.6 K in 56 minutes, then turned around. I got back to the car at 1:51. Walked a bit, and stretched for about 20 minutes. I brought a bottle of my home made energy drink with me, and slurped on that during the walk breaks. For the first time ever during a run, I had a bit of tummy gurgle happening. I took that as a sign I was on the good side of the hydration level. It was amusing to listen to it gurgle, or not, depending on my stride. I was a bit bouncy or choppy, but parts were really good, where I just flowed along.

The last 15 min interval I wanted to pick it up ever so slightly, and nudge it into the bottom of zone 3, just over the line. I ran like there was running form judges watching me, tried to get back into that float, running smooth and easy. I was imagining myself with really light feet. Remember that guy that fastened a zillion balloons to his lawn chair and floated away? I was picturing myself with some balloons taking the weight, but leaving enough for traction. This felt really good.

Over all the run is happy making. I've still not ever had this runner's high that people talk about. I just chug along, thinking my thoughts, trying to stay calm and relaxed. It ended up warming up a bit, but not enough to regret what I had on.


  1. I had tummy gurgles this morning as well! But I think it was because I was STARVING! 5:45am Runs - it's hard to eat before!! :)

  2. "if the chatty floaties hadn't stopped me" Chatty Floaties - hahahahaha

    I would have decked that lady. I'm impressed you semi kept your col. :)

    Nice work on the run too! I don't think I've experienced the "runners high" either. Sure I feel good after but no different from any other workout.

  3. You know, I hardly ever get the runners high. I only get the buzz when I get off my bike - is that weird?

    Oh bless the old geezers that insist on the breast stroke!

  4. Yup, it sure was brisk this morning! I had a moment where I questioned my decision to bike home in shorts instead of tights, but thankfully it (or I) warmed up.

    Wow...people with poor pool etiquette are so annoying! I swam at Winston Churchill last night and some guy doing breast stroke would hang at the wall, then push off just as soon as I got there. Grrr. No doubt everyone would like their own lane, but it is pretty hard to make that happen. We just all have to play nice and get along. Guess I won`t be trying out the Acadia pool!

  5. So there is this guy at my Sunday swims. He is a pretty good swimmer but he is tall so when he touches the bulkhead in the deeper end, he touches with his left hand, then bounces off the bottom with his left foot before pushing off the wall. It is so annoying to watch. Not that that isn't wrong etiquette but I keep forgetting to post about it!!!

  6. Like the Titanic dodging icebergs...LMAO!!! What a gong show at the pool! What is it with old people who have no manners? THEY are the worst offenders. They bitch and complain about "kids these days," but they are the ones who butt in line, are rude, and have no respect for anyone! AAAARGGHH!! I am glad your inner shark came out to play! Heh-heh-heh!


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