Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big deposit at the fitness bank today.

Here, look at this

And this is what I saw from the front of our house this morning, out toward the SW where I normally ride. Plus it's colder here than at the airport, it's maybe 5 C. Plus, if anything, Calgary weather rolls in faster than is expected.

Tell me true, would you have saddled up for a bike ride? I didn't want to. I didn't sleep well last night, and feel very much like going back to bed. Still, I'm trying to be good, and follow the workout schedule. I dressed about the same as last week, and it worked out ok, though I should have worn another pair of socks.

Warmed up for 30 minutes, heading down 37 st, and west on 22X.
6 x 5/3, with the 5 being hard, cadence 65-70. Turns out I misremembered that part, was was trying for the 60 to 70 range.
Cool down another 20 minutes, back at the house in exactly 100 minutes.

This was a tough ride. Quite windy, and riding so much in a harder gear or two than I normally would. Maybe it's just as well, I couldn't spin worth beans, even going downhill. Tried to pedal smoothly, and stay strong. This wasn't hard on my heart or lungs, but was brutal on my legs. When I got back I was wondering if I'd underdressed a bit. My legs were chilled, and didn't want to stretch at all. Had a warm shower instead. I'll do some yoga after running some errands.


  1. good on you keith....i keep telling myself every night that tomorrown i will be out there early and every morning early is still waiting to happen.

  2. Great work getting out there. Those are always the toughest - when you don't want to go. And I agree w/ CB - I usually talk myself out of them. You should be proud of yourself.

  3. good on ya for getting out there!! am ever so glad i'm in bc...we are getting rain, but it's warm! haha


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