Monday, May 25, 2009

If anyone finds my swim, please send it back.

I'm really not sure what's happening. My swimming ability has gone AWOL. Today's 'workout' was such total shite I'm not even going to count it as such. The warmup was fine, if a little creaky. Drill was ok. Tried a couple golf drills, and got 82 and 83 which is in the ballpark. Started my 100 m intervals with 20 seconds rest, and started struggling really quick. I like to aim for about 105 seconds or so. The first one was barely there, and I was still breathing hard when I started the next. It was about 115 seconds and my heart rate was through the roof and my arms were getting tired. I tried to smooth out my stroke and push a little harder. That was bad. The result was 120 seconds and I was gasping at the end of it. I went on 20 seconds rest, and didn't even make 120 seconds. I stopped. I gave it a full minute, and tried another. I was barely under 120 seconds, and ready to rest again.

A couple weeks ago I'd have thought a 2 minute 100 m pace was slow and relaxing. My only consolation is that I remember my swim falling apart last year during training peaks. I did go into the dive tank for core and mobility work, till the aquasize people kicked me out. It just makes me laugh that they all gather in the hot tub for 10 minutes, then complain about the pool water being cold. I'm not poking fun, just being factual here, but most of these people have enough blubber on them that they shouldn't care even if there was ice on the surface of the dive tank.

The run was nice. I went 40 min mid zone 2 or so, and pushing hard with some strides. I lost count, I think 5 or 6. I struggled a little bit at first. My stride felt choppy and vertical, especially when I was going slow. The quicker strides weren't so bad. The last 10 minutes or so I settled into a nice comfortable stride with easy breathing, and it felt fast. Lots of stretching after, and I should do more. My legs felt fine during the run, but feel a little heavy now.


  1. Yeah, some days are just like that BUT you have to trade one thing for another, a crappy swim but a good run or ride. Meh, not every workout will be better than the last.

  2. Some mean-spirited person once told me that I'm fast in the pool because I still have good buoyancy...

  3. I'm just getting into swimming, (competitively that is), and you are waaaaaaaay beyond me, but since I have someone (swim coach) critiquing me- I'm starting to come around, with relief. I'm sure your swim will find you :)

    I was bothering the 'large' group in the multi purpose pool while I was practicing flip turns- and secretly giggled- underwater of course.

  4. I don't have any advice for your swim other than I'm sure it will come back. The only time I lost mine was when I did "total immersion" and you didn't do that so I'm not quite sure what the problem is. I'd say stick with it and it's bound to come back.

  5. It's that time of the month....oh wait, you're not a woman. (Yes, I am laughing at that!) Hmmmmm, maybe it's time to don the shark swim cap to invoke the GREAT SHARK and get your funk back. Your inner shark seems to take a vacation every now and then when you are being too nice to people in the pool. I think he gets fed up with your niceness! LOL!!

    Time to bump some blubber and get your sharkie back! LOL!!!


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