Monday, May 4, 2009

First things first

There was some feedback via Julie's blog about the BBQ sauce we used. Here's the evidence.

Not that we have that taken care of, and it's really not that hot of sauce at all, coming or going so to speak, but it is a great phrase, now we can get back out our regularly scheduled blog activities. And just think, if this was Glaven writing about this sauce things could have got a whole lot more graphic.

The pool was almost empty so I had a lane to myself most of the swim.
500 m warmup, gradually ramping up the pace.
100 m intervals. The first batch was 5 x on the 120 seconds. The first one was 100 seconds flat, and the other slowed down till the last one was at 115 seconds. Took a bit of a breather doing some easy stroke, some one arm, some fist, and some catchup.
Then 5 more 100 m, this time on 150 seconds, but trying to keep the pace faster. The fastest was 100 seconds, and the slowest was 108 seconds.
Did some more drill, and some easy stroke, cooled down. .75 hr.
Then into the dive tank. Really pushed the core work today. Did things more slowly, and more of them. 20 minutes or so. My abs could really feel it.

The weather was perfect for a run, again, sunny and warm. All the windows in the house are open. We could still get some snow, and probably will, but we're likely to have nice weather for a month or so. We have to take advantage. That's why you see Calgarians out in shorts and a T shirt in 0C weather, because it's so nice out, at least in comparison. It's 15 C out there now, so this is a close approximation of heaven.

Ran for an hour down into Fish Creek, working up into high zone 2. My heart rate monitor always gives me wacky numbers at the beginning of a run, for about 10 minutes. Did some strides, including one long one up the hill out of Fish Creek. Tried to run lightly and easily. My feet and legs felt great! Stretched after. More BBQ chicken for supper, using the last of the famous sauce.


  1. You Calgarians are tough shit! Down here, it's 55F and people have on gloves and a winter hat...and I don't mean to ride a bike either.

    Thanks for saving us from Glaven Sauce. I'm scared.

  2. Where do you find that sauce at?

    I agree - 15C is a close approximation of heaven and does spell shorts in my book!

  3. Looking forward to my run tomorrow evening! My Sun am run was 5 deg C and it was perfect with layering jacket. 15 deg C will be perfect in my skirt and tee.

    I will take your word that Julie face sauce is better than Glaven, and all that stuff.


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