Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Toothly news (no gross photos)

Tonight was spin class. Greg worked us hard. I almost got through the one leg drill; I'm getting better. The aerobic sets were good. My feet weren't quite as happy as the other day, but still pretty good. Legs felt a little heavy and clunky. On the bike for 1.75 hours.

I've been working the arm hard with the physio exercises, and it got tired part way through class. Spinning got tougher after that. I can almost get it straight, and it continues to get stronger. Still a ways to go. I'm not looking forward to the session tomorrow. I suspect I'm really going to get worked on.

The teeth. I know you all wanted to hear how the root canals went. Yes, two of them, at the same time. The top front teeth. Once upon a time I had all 4 wisdom teeth out in one go. That dentist did a bit of hypnotism on me, and I've been able to relax in the dentists chair ever since. The high water mark for relaxation was to go to sleep in the chair during a regular checkup. That didn't quite happen this time, though I was working on it. The fire alarm (no kidding) and the security weenie kept me awake. Things went well. He said I had the nerves of a teenager. I was trying to work out if that was good or bad, but he suggested I'd had some trauma and things stopped growing then, and it's been downhill ever since. He also took a few minutes to work on the stain, and shaped the edges of the one tooth. Things actually look pretty darn good. And there was no pain. None. Not even any discomfort. This guy is good.


  1. Tooth-tastic! Root canals are a joy aren't they? I had a year-long saga where I had 3 root canals done on the same flipping tooth, only to have to go to a specialist where he had to go in 2 MORE TIMES.

    I thought the bottom of my jaw would fall off...

    Props to you for hanging in there Keith -- you've had to deal with continuous and varying levels of pain for so long now. :)

  2. sounds...errr.spinchter tighteninglovely, sweatly palms, lovly. good for you. i cringe.


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