Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun spin session

This was the first spin session in a long time that was actually fun. I felt solid on the bike, my arm can take half the weight now, my butt is feeling better, and my legs are remembering how to go round and round. Up till now I've mainly been scraping through, nursing the arm. However, I have to admit, my fat jiggled. I thought my calves were pretty toned, but they jiggled. As did lots of other stuff. Personally I think it's all resonance, and sympathetic vibrations.

We did lots of stuff, some one leg, accelerations (got *that* close to 200 rpm) then aerobic sets with short time trials, hill climbs, 15/15's and other stuff. I had happy feet. Was on the bike for 1.75 hours. Hoping to try a swim tomorrow, and see how that feels.


  1. 200 rpm???? No wonder you were "jiggling"!!!!!! My God man, you were probably morphing into another dimension. If you hadn't slowed down, all that would be left of you would be a pool of sweat and a nifty yellow rain coat...

    And the resonance and sympathetic vibrations --- oh Keith you are GOOD!!! LMAO!! I am totally adopting that phrase and will credit you each time I use it. Hahahaha! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. yup, i'm with julie on that one. holy hannah!! good on ya for getting back in the game. hopefully the arm starts bending a bit better too.


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