Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My feet are tired

Tuesday early evening here. Very tired feet. Monday was a quiet day after the Sunday rampage in Rome. We did a bit of strolling, found a really nice food market, but spent a good part of the day at home with our feet up. Light rain. Went out for a really nice evening stroll in the shopping district. Lots and lots of people, the shops are open till 8, and if you don't look sharp, you'll be dragged in by the hucksters. I saw a hat I liked, but I'm not going to spent multiple 100's of Euros on a hat.

Today we slept in a bit, then went back to the nice market for supplies to make our last few meals here. That was after we found out the street construction had ripped out the sidewalk, such as it was, from in front of the front door. There was an additional step down to the muddy, under construction street. Linda was not thrilled. Once home again we dropped off supplies, then went off to the Plaza Pitti. This is quite the place. Some guy built it trying to outdo the Medici's. He went bankrupt and the Medici's ended up buying it. I nearly didn't come out of the section on the Renaisansce explosion of astronomy and science. They have one of Galileo's telescopes!!! Such a tiny thing to change the world.

The Boboli Gardens behind the palace are incredible, and huge. You could wander back there for a long time. It was raining, so we didn't get to sit and enjoy the views of Florence. There was other stuff there to look at, but we sure got our 10 Euro worth.

I'm going to pick up some Gelato for Linda, then we're going to put our feet up. It's raining too much for an evening stroll tonight, and our feet are too tired.

It's just as well I've been training, and doing all that running. I'd be a puddle if I hadn't. Venice and Florence are small, but there's so much to see, and much of it is by walking. If you come, get your feet in shape, and bring comfey walking shoes. And a credit card with a big max, of course!

I really don't know how coherent these posts have been. Hope you've enjoyed them. My next posting will be from home, I suspect. I tried, I really tried to get on MSM, but it just didn't happen.

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  1. i'm very grateful that you shared your adventure as you went along! can't wait to see you guys too. safe travels home!


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