Thursday, November 27, 2008

Got through one leg drill for the first time!

I can't remember if I got through any of Greg's one leg drill last year or not, but I think not. Tonight he took it easy on us, and I just barely squeaked through. Stalled at the top a couple of times, but kept going. The rest of the night was easy by comparison. Well, except for C trying to take out everybody to her left by riding her bike right out of the trainer. Sheesh. Some people will do anything to get out of the 120 rpm for a minute drill. Lets see, some 15/15, some time trial, some hills, and other stuff, all aerobic. I felt strong on the bike tonight, and even (gasp) did some extra one leg drill after the main set and before cool down.

The arm continues to feel both strong and weak. Strong because I can do more with it that I couldn't do even a few days ago. Weak because I can't do it for long, and weak compared to the left arm.

I really did lay out all my running stuff for Thurs morning, but I didn't go. I slept instead. Tomorrow, depending on how I feel, I might run or swim in the morning. Decisions decisions.

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  1. Your arm is feeling strong because of all those one-armed push ups you've been doing. :) :)

    Have a great time at the house-warming party this weekend! :) L)(


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