Monday, November 3, 2008

Rome gets sacked again

Monday morning here. Checking weather in Pisa and Sienna. Looks like rain. Not sure what we're going to do today.

Yesterday was Rome, as in the trampling of. Linda was up for it, stoked to the max with chocolate and coffee. She leaped off the train with the light of determination in her eyes. The list included, the Colusseum, Forum, Trebi Fountain, The Spanish Steps, St. Peters Basilica, The Vatican Museum, and tea with the Pope to help set him straight on some doctrinal issues that he's got wrong. At the end of it all, I'm exhausted. She leaped out of the train back in Florence at the end of the day, and rampaged home, or at least to the gelato shop near our apartment. I could barely keep up with her. In the wind of her pasage during the day, I happened to see a purse, that if Susi carried a purse, she would carry this one. I have a photo. I think it was 435 Euros.

The photo show is comeing when we get back to Calgary and get a chance to sort things out. Since buying the camera I've taken several hundred photos. I hope I remember what they all are.

We spent a couple days strolling Florence, window shopping, looking at the pretty stuff. I'm not kidding. There have to be more handbags in this small city, than in all of Canada. There was one small market, with many stalls, stalls leading out of sight. Each of them is draped with handbags, several hundred at the least. And the stalls are beyond numerous. If you haven't found a handbag you like, the next shop will have it, or you're impossible to please.

I'm going to miss the gelato. I havn't gained any weight I think. My arm is getting better, I can almost straighten it out now, and it's getting stronger. The trip home is coming up fast. Sigh.


  1. i hope you taped linda's convo with the pope - i can just imagine! haha.

  2. :) sound slike you are having so much fun. You will be back in time for SNOW....baa haa haa


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