Saturday, November 15, 2008

back into running

Today's run was so Greg could figure out out how much damage has been done by just about exactly three months of sloth and eating, and waiting for my body to heal. A few of the Italian gelato's are still lurking around my middle, but it's not as bad as I had feared it might be. Having wonky front teeth is one way to cut down on eating.

My route is just over 8K. See here for the route.

I had on a heart rate monitor, the same one I wore last week during spin class. It seemed to give believable numbers then, but today it was all over the place so I stopped looking at it. I tried to run nice and smooth, at the point were I was breathing deeply and regularly, but without panting or forcing. I wouldn't have been able to carry on a casual conversation for all of it, but could talk on the exhales.

I started with a little bit of easy stretching, very light. Then a 5 min brisk walk to my starting point. The run started easy, finding my pace and settling in. The long gradual downhill towards Fish Creek was nice and easy. Through Fish Creek was quite a bit colder, and the path was mostly covered with ice and snow. I had to be really careful of my footing in several places, but the run felt comfortable. Up the 24th st hill out of Fish Creek was where my breathing peaked, but I still wasn't gasping or panting. Legs feeling a little tired, but still moving well. Once I hit the 50 minute mark, my legs started feeling really heavy. This part is along the top of the berm along Anderson, somewhat uphill and it's a rough path. The last 3 minutes running was better, but I don't think I would have want to go much further. Stretched a bit, walked home, nibbled, stretched more, showered.

The actual time for what I think is 8.2 K is 1:03:30, running 14, walking 1. The breathing felt good. Calves felt good. For once it seemed to be my quads that were tired. Hip flexors started feeling it at the 50 min mark. I wasn't trying to push the pace at all, just staying steady.

I had wanted to get in a swim this weekend, but my physiotherapist asked me to hold off till next week after seeing bone specialist. She's a bit concerned about how my wrist is feeling, wants me to be sure to mention it to them.

So Greg, am I ready for the IGP™ build toward Calgary 70.3? Only a little over 8 months to go!

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